December 29, 2017

Blowing smoke rings with a cigarette - big deal. Vaping turns smoke into an art form. And with these 10 easy vape tricks to start with, keep practising and you'll become a vape god in no time.

Remember the first time that you saw a smoke trick? Maybe it was in a movie, a music video, or a friend was showing off for you.

You were impressed, undoubtedly.

Smoke tricks, after all, look smooth and cool. And they've been around for a long, long time.

You've probably seen them done with cigarette smoke, but that thin type of smoke actually limits the tricks one can perform.

With vaping, you have a thicker and fuller substance to work with.

Vapour allows you to produce more highly defined and interesting vape tricks, proving another great reason to kick smoking and get into vaping.

Read on for 10 easy vape tricks to work on so you can become a master vaper.

Prep for Easy Vape Tricks

Adjust your vape juice and device to deliver the best results.

To do these easy vape tricks you have to inhale and blow out large amounts of vapour, so choosing the right juice is important. It's recommended to go with a high VG juice. You'll have a less intense throat hit and ensure a large cloud size.

Inhaling a lot of nicotine can make you dizzy, so you might even want to use a juice with no nicotine. You can also opt for plain VG juice which has no nicotine and no flavour.

You'll also want to use a sub ohm tank or an RDA for denser, bigger clouds.

Finally, practice your tricks in a room that doesn't have a lot of airflow. Close the windows and turn off fans or air conditioning.

Okay, now you're ready to get into it!

1. The Ghost Hit

This trick entails exhaling a cloud of vapour and then rapidly sucking it back in.

Here's how you do it.

Take a long pull of vapour but keep it in your mouth – do not inhale.

Let the vapour sit in your mouth for a few seconds, then slowly push it out. As soon as the vapour leaves your mouth, rapidly suck it back in.

You will use The Ghost Hit in more complicated tricks, so it's a great skill to learn at the beginning of your practice.

👇 Check out the video to see how it's done. 👇

2. French Inhale

This is a subtle, easy vape trick that's also known as the Irish Waterfall.

Here's how it looks.

Vapour released from the mouth is inhaled through the nostrils. It can look like an upside down waterfall.

Your first step is similar to The Ghost Hit - take a pull but don't inhale. Keep your mouth closed and let the vapor sit. Then slowly open your mouth, slightly extending your bottom jaw and release the vapor.

Finally, inhale the vapour through your nostrils and you've completed the trick.

Do this sleek inhale around friends or at parties and see if anyone notices – it's a sly one to pull off unannounced.

3. The Tornado

Why go tornado hunting when you can create a similar and uh, far safer experience with your vape.

This is one of the easy vape tricks requiring you to use your hands. You manipulate a large vapour cloud with one hand to make it swirl like a tornado.

You can't do this trick in the car because you need a flat, sturdy surface.

The first thing you want to do is stand or sit in front of a table. Take a solid drag, then bend over, putting your mouth as close to the table's surface as possible.

Slowly exhale the vapour while your mouth is nearly parallel to the flat surface. You want your cloud to be dense and contained.

Once all the vapour is released, extend your hand and put it in the centre of the cloud. Quickly raise your arm upwards as if you are reverse chopping the vapour.

Stand back and watch the twister shape take form.

You can also control the flowof your exhale by blowing the vapour through an empty toilet paper roll.

With practice, you'll give Mother Nature a run for her money.

4. The Dragon

Of the easy vape tricks, you may think this one looks super complicated, but it's not!

With a few practice rounds, you'll be looking like a vapor-breathing beast in no time.

To do The Dragon you essentially blow vapour out of four areas: both of your nostrils and the corners of your mouth.

To get the vapour to come through the sides of your mouth, you have to keep the centre of your lips touching while you exhale. That may require some practice.

As with the first two tricks, take a long pull and don't inhale. The longer the pull, the better.

Once you've got all the vapour in your mouth, push it through your nose and the corners of your mouth at the same time.

Bear in mind that you have to push the vapour out as quickly as possible and with some force.

Add a mean glare to this trick and you will honestly look scary as hell.

5. The Big Os

Blowing Os, or creating rings of vapour with your exhale, is an important technique to master if you want to move on from easy vape tricks to more advanced ones.

With enough practice, you'll be able to blow strings of Os one after another and even alter their shape and size.

Follow these steps for blowing Os.

Step 1

Inhale, but keep it in your throat. You don't have to take a large inhale, so smart small for your first few rounds.

Step 2

Rest your tongue at the base of your mouth. Slightly push the back of your tongue to the back of your throat.

Step 3

Curve your lips tightly around your teeth forming an "O" shape. Don't push your lips out like a kiss, keep them taut.

Step 4

Push the vapour out by pulsing the back of your throat like you're lightly coughing.

You can control the shape of the ring by how large or small you round your mouth when exhaling.

Here is an awesome how-to video.

6. Triangles

Once you feel confident blowing Os, try altering their shape>by using your hands.

Exhale a ring of vapour, then gently push it with one of your hands. Quickly tap one side of the ring and you'll see it bend into a triangle.

The timing of your handwork is important to get the best result. Try playing around with when and how to push and tap it.

Once you get the timing right, you'll produce awesome triangles that you can add to other easy vape tricks.

7. The Jellyfish

This trick is a sure crowd favoruite. When done right, it looks exactly like a jellyfish moving underwater.

Your first step is to blow a large, single O and gently push it with one hand.

Take another drag, and slowly drop that exhale into the center of the ring. This move is similar to the technique of ghost inhaling.

The rest of the work is done for you as you stand back and let your last exhale move through the O like a jellyfish.

8. The Bull Ring

The Bull Ring is a fierce-looking trick but if you can blow O's, you'll find it easy to do.

Step one is to blow a medium-sized ring.

Lean into it and inhale the top part of the ring through your nostrils. It will look like an awesome septum piercing or a bull ring, however you choose to look at it.

For best results, use a mirror to practice this one.

In case you need some help visualising how this trick looks, check out this video. 👇

9. The Bane Inhale

If you're a Batman fan, you will love this move. The exhale in this trick resembles the Bane mask.

Take a drag and hold it in your mouth.

You will then push your bottom jaw out to make your bottom teeth touch your upper lip.

Allow the vapour to come through your teeth and through your mouth – this is what creates the image of the Bane mask.

Direct the vapour upwards by inhaling it through your nose, much like the French Inhale.

There are a number of ways to position your teeth for the exhale, like putting your bottom teeth behind your top teeth and slightly smiling. Play around with the ways that work best for you.

10. The Lasso

Giddyup cowboy, this trick will make you feel like Butch Cassidy in no time.

By strategically blowing two rings, you'll create the illusion of a lasso.

Step 1

Blow a large, thick ring.

Step 2

Expand the ring by pushing it quickly with your hand.

Step 3

Take another drag of your vape and blow a smaller ring in the center of your first ring.

The momentum of the small ring moves it through the large one. It wraps around it, looking like a lasso.

The Lasso is a little more complicated than the previously listed easy vape tricks. Practicing the basics will build a strong foundation for you to pull off this move.

Now Show 'Em Off!

You now have all the tips and instructions needed to do some easy vape tricks.

Focus on the basics, build your skill set, and check out our store for quality supplies.

Once you've aced this easy vape tricks list, challenge yourself to move onto more advanced trickery.

If you're feeling really confident, there are even vape competitions you can enter.

And a word to the wise, be sure to practice your vaping skills in the right place and at the right time.

Keep honing and testing your skills – you may even invent some tricks of your own.

Let us know your favorite tricks or any new tips you discover in the comments below. Now go do some vape magic!

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