January 31, 2017


If you have encountered experienced vapers, you might know that a vape juice is the bread and butter of the elite in this fascinating world of vaping.

Any gilt-edged vaper is bound to equip himself with his choicest juices before venturing out of the house. You might be left wondering what all those pockets in their baggy pants are filled with!

As one new to the vaping world, you first need to understand what keeps all these experienced vapers going.

Is it the nicotine content in their tanks? Is it the make and model of the e-cigarette itself? Or is it the kind of vape juice dripped inside the tank?

While the nicotine content and the make of vaping equipment do matter, the quality and type of vape juices are the ones that keep a vaper’s passion burning long and strong for the product.

As a relative amateur in this exciting world, you will be at a complete loss regarding the choice of juices. You first need to understand that vape juices are each to one’s own taste. Hence, you should try out quite a few of the variety before settling down for one.

The best producers of fruity vape juices

Malaysian vape juices make for the best start!

While the brewers in the United States are widely considered the best ones in the trade, those in Malaysia stand at a close second best.

That is because most of the Malaysian juices are at par with those of the US, and the former’s fruity-flavoured ones are inarguably the finest of the lot.

Here, we have listed the brews from Malaysia that you, as a new vaper, must give a try before settling down for one.

Throne - The Mad Queen

It may be called The Mad Queen but it's a name that's said with affection. As the name suggests, this product is the queen of all e-juices! Its ratio of Propylene Glycol (PG) to Vegetable Glycerin (VG) is perfect for regular smokers to switch to this amazing, risk-free addiction.

While the 30% PG content of Throne - The Mad Queen provides a reasonable degree of throat hit, a 70% of VG renders an amazing amount of smoke thickness.

The flavour comprises a shisha-like concoction of double apple and aloe vera. A dash of slight coldness adds to the versatile taste of the juice!

This crowned queen of vape juices also comes with a maximum of 3mg nicotine strength that appeals to all you regular smokers out there.

Fantasi Grape Ice 

If you are a relatively heavy smoker who requires a good enough throat hit to take you through the day, then FGI, or Fantasi Grape Ice, would be the perfect choice for you.

It consists of an appropriate half proportion of PG to VG ratio, which means that the throat hit and smoke production will be reasonably moderate.

Add to that the delectable taste of Fanta Grape fizzy drink, and you will definitely be craving for more!

Mango Most Mango Blackcurrant

Most blokes are known to satiate their taste buds with mangoes splashed with a pinch of blackcurrant for desserts.

If you are one of those, then you are bound to love this exclusive flavour. Even if you are not, this blend is one that you have to try out.

The mango flavour in Mango Most Mango Blackcurrant is amazingly fresh to tingle the furthest reaches of your tongue. A small quantity of blackcurrant is added to glorify your buds even further.

This one comes in a VG/PG ratio of 50/50, along with a maximum nicotine content of 6mg.

Thirsty Strawberry Lemonade

This is one of the most terrific e-juices we have savoured so far. You will be hard put to find another vape juice as fine as this one.

Thirsty Strawberry Lemonade has similar PG/VG ratio as Throne - The Bastard ie. 30/70 and its taste is refined to the point of pure bliss.

While you might not like creamy strawberry flavours, you are certain to love this enchanting combo. It's sweet strawberry with a kick of citrusy lemonade.

Cloud Niners Pineapple

The name implies the use to which this superior vape juice is put. It is the ideal product for cloud chasers, though not quite related to the ‘Cloud 9’ beverage, nor quite to the Bryan Adams’ number.

However, there is no denying the fact that you will be on cloud number nine after vaping this stuff. Quite like the mother of all juices, Cloud Niners Pineapple will add relish to your palate for many years to come.

Hustler Juice Bold

This one is the optimal choice for the heaviest smokers among us. Hustler Juice Boldhas a PG/VG ratio of 60/40, which renders a high degree of throat hit.

This juice generally comes with 6mg of nicotine which can be reduced over time. The rich tropical flavour of the exotic Malaysian mango is what you will get.

Enjoy it while it lasts, and if you fall short of it, you can always order some more on our store.

Fcukin Flava Fcukin Munkey 

Now this is what we would call a fcukin hell of a juice! Pull your socks up and wrap your furs around to dig this one heck of a brew.

With Fcukin Flava Fcukin Munkey, what you'll get is a chilling taste of honeydew that's unforgettable and that at an affordable price! 

Dr Brew Rude Beer

The king of all root beers flavours, you will be tempted to drink it. But don’t!

Drip Dr Brew Rude Beer into your vaping tank and relish the aftertaste. The components are akin to the Fantasy Grape Ice with an added chill in the mix, so much so that you are bound to forget root beers for a long time to come.

The Rabbit - Honey Lemon Jasmine Tea

Experience the god of all the good ol’ days! This Honey Lemon Jasmine Tea suffuses the taste of sweet honey and citrusy lemon with the finest brew.

It's a deeply refreshing flavour that's not too sweet. Those who love tea flavours will enjoy this glorious blend.

Drip Addict Purple Haze 

Fruits and candies galore! If you are a fan of either, get ready for a big treat. Grapes are what you get in this amazing juice.

If you love the scent of wine, you are bound to get mesmerised by Drip Addict Purple Haze. Add to it a pinch of bubblegum flavour and you have the recipe in your pocket.

Do you have any more flavours to share? Let us know of your opinions in the comments section below. Cheers to exceptional vape juices in the world!

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