August 11, 2016

You must be living under a rock if you have never heard of Pokémon Go.

This game has overtaken many aspects of people’s lives. You can’t quite be out and about without stumbling upon a person trying to catch the Weedle (that somehow resides in the middle of a metropolis).

Pokémon Go and vaping are both subjects of outrageous news stories (positive and negative) on radio, television and the internet.

As I was wandering around and vaping trying to hatch the Pokémon eggs that I’ve collected in a town centre nearby Vape Club’s office, I stumbled upon a Nidoking (with a CP of 678 - yay!).

This got me thinking about all the things Pokémon Go and vaping have in common.

Here’s the list of similarities that I have observed:-

You feel the need to ‘Catch em’ all’

Pokémon Go trainers all have the need to catch em’ all. Once you capture one pokémon, you see another one with cooler abilities and higher combat power, so you set off on your hunt for that new pokémon.

Sometimes, you may even buy in-game items (Lure Module and Lucky Egg) for an epic power levelling spree. The next thing you know your wallet is exactly a thousand dollars emptier - lulz.

Like all serious Pokémon Go trainers, vapers also have the intrinsic need to try and discover interesting e-juice flavours around the world.

Sometimes you have to fork out a lot of money to get the specific brand of e-juice that you want. Poof! Your bank account figure reduces by $1,000.

After a few weeks, your best friend shows up to your doorstep with the best e-liquid from Malaysia.

You then quickly mortgage your house and sell the juices that you’ve lost interest in. You order more e-liquids from Vape Club International because that’s where your buddy got his juices.

Poof! Your bank account figure reduces again.

gotta catch 'em all

There are shit tons of haters

You get weird looks from the public when you wander around a seemingly empty complex in hopes of finding rare pokémons. You don’t give a rat’s ass.

You see someone else aimlessly walking in a straight line back and forth in a neighbourhood park. He notices you, you smile back and give a look of approval - practice the look below.

You both catch the Gyarados wandering the area and you both go home happy. Before you know it, the local security has called the cops on you for suspicious behaviour because they have no fucking idea what you guys were doing at such a late hour.

Like dedicated pokémon trainers who are vastly misunderstood, vapers also get funny looks from bystanders.

Based on my observation, vapers are perceived as mad men and/or drug addicts based on the looks that I get when I’m enjoying my vape in public. (What the f*ck is going on with this world?)

Thankfully, we still get the same look of approval above when bumping into fellow vaping enthusiasts.

There are etiquette rules to follow

Just as pokémon trainers should never ever drive or trespass for the purpose of catching pokémons. Vapers need to follow rules as well.

Awesome vapers and pokémon trainers always maintain stellar etiquette because they know that’s what needs to be done to garner positive public perception.

Here is an infographic (link here) that we’ve created to ensure vapers comply with the general etiquette involved.

People who are not involved at all won’t get why we play Pokémon Go or vape. It’s only normal to be hated by people who have never experienced any of these things, there’s a saying that humans are most afraid of the unknown.

There are a lot of vape haters out there, but if you’re a smoker and you’ve tried vaping, only then you will comprehend why vapers are so fiercely defensive and why every one of them turn into activists.

You Need A Power-bank

One of the things I hate the most is lugging a heavy piece of hardware around for emergencies. Unfortunately for me, I vape and play Pokémon Go.

I now carry a portable charger and a power bank everywhere I go because Pokémon Go drains a lot of your phone battery -- due to the need for GPS functionality.

A standard iPhone SE like mine would only last about 4-5 hours if I was going full-on Pokémon Go. I also exclusively vape on a dual coil dripper at about 0.15ohms so vaping really kills my batteries.

That’s it people! Hope you enjoyed the article.

If you’ll excuse me, I have a Bulbasaur that needs my attention.

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