December 20, 2017

Do you love the taste of Nasty Juice Cush Man? VIOLET YUEN shares seven alternative mango vape juices to try instead.

I love mango vape juices. It was the first e-juice I vaped when I got my own starter kit (Kangertech Subox Mini) and it's my default vape flavour to go to whenever I don't know what to try. 

When it comes to mango flavours, most brands don't go wrong – it's an easy flavour to work with – but what's difficult is creating a flavour that stands out. 

For many vapers, the one brand that has stood out is Nasty Juice, and more specifically, Cush Man. 

Cush Man is one of three flavours in their Yummy Fruity series and is based on, I assume, the Cushman mango. 

This particular mango cultivar (variant) is said to be a crossbreed of two other mango cultivars and bears very limited fruit. However, the mangoes produced by this cultivar is rumoured to be extremely delicious. 

It's no surprise then, that a mango flavour like Nasty Juice's Cush Man would be so popular. While I do enjoy it at times, it's not one of my favourite mango vape juices. 

There are so many other brands that many people don't know about, which are great alternatives to Nasty Juice.

Don't get me wrong. I love Nasty Juice. They produce consistently good flavours that come in gorgeous packaging. But if you ask me to pick between Cush Man and any of these other flavours, I'd probably pick one of these instead. 

The Owl - Mango by Gravy E-liquids

When I first came across this e-liquid, I wasn't impressed. The packaging is super standard – the usual 60ml gorilla bottle – and the brand name didn't stand out either. (I thought it was strange that The Owl was the name of the flavour and the brand name wasn't featured prominently on the bottle at all.) 

However, one particular day when I didn't know what to vape, I decided to give The Owl - Mango a shot. It was such a pleasant surprise. It's a delicious mango flavour that's sweet, rich and has a hint of greenness to it. 

Even with its 70% VG content, the flavours are slightly stronger than Nasty's but produce a considerable amount of cloud as well.  

Mango Lychee by Mango Most

This one isn't a single-fruit flavour but based on the brand name, you can tell that these brewers specialise in mango. 

Mango Lychee is one of the (currently) three flavours in their line-up. Although it's a double-fruit flavour, the mango flavour is still the base for this vape juice. The hints of sweet, juicy lychee act as an additive that uplifts the overall flavour of the e-liquid. 

This one comes in a 50/50 PG to VG ratio so the flavour is much stronger. Like many Malaysian e-liquids, this is a pretty sweet vape juice so be prepared to change your wick at least twice a day. 

When vaping this flavour, I usually use my Tobeco Supertank and an OCC so it's not so much of a hassle. 

The Lady by Throne Liquids

Now this flavour is amazing! Throne Liquids - The Lady is a mix of ripe and green mango, with a hint of spicy mango flavours. Although its base is a single fruit ie. mango, these brewers have layered a few different flavours to create a mango mix that's truly a joy to vape. 

Unlike many other Malaysian vape juices, this flavour will not gunk your coils. Tailored for vapers who prefer less sweetness in the e-liquids, this vape juice has strong mango flavours that's not too sickeningly sweet. 

It's an easy all-day vape. Its high VG content also make it an amazing choice for tricksters and cloud chasers. 

PS. This brand also has amazing apparel that you can check out here

Sweet Mango by Thirsty Juice

If you're looking for a vape juice that's flavour-packed with mango goodness, Thirsty's Sweet Mango is a great value-for-money option. 

Currently available in 50ml bottles, its design reminds me of old school drink cans. From inhale to exhale, the vapour is filled to the brim with thick, rich mango scents and flavours.  

It's an all-day vape alright! Although, I have to warn you that this is another one of those Malaysian vape juices that probably contains a lot of sucralose. It's really sweet and tasty but will probably require frequent wick changes. 

Space Mango by Cloudy Heaven

I LOVE this flavour. Mainly because I like that hint of unripe mango that comes out more in this e-liquid compared to the others. 

If you follow this blog and the articles that I've written, you'll know that I've also highlighted Cloudy Heaven Space Mango as one of the vape juices to try in 2018

Nasty Juice Cush Man has got an unripe, green mango hint to it but every time I vape it, I get a hint of bitterness as well, which I don't enjoy much. 

Space Mango, however, is all delightful! 

eXtasy Mango Blackcurrant by eXtasy 

Another double-fruit flavour but with mango as its base. I know, I know, Cush Man is a straight-up mango flavour. 

While I do like those, there are times when I want my mango flavours a little richer, with slight hints of other fruit flavours that bring out the mango even more. 

eXtasy Mango Blackcurrant is a vape juice created by the same brewers behind the super famous Fantasi. Their fruit soda flavours in the Fantasi line are amazing and their eXtasy range is no different. 

(If you try this flavour, let me know what you think! How does it compare to AJ Vape's Mango Blackcurrant? Tweet me!)

AJ Cloud Mango by AJ Vape

If you're a cloud chaser and you love mango flavours, do check out AJ Cloud Mango. If you know AJ Vape, you'll know their signature Mango Blackcurrant flavour.

They take the same delectable mango flavour and use it in this 80% VG e-liquid designed specifically for tricksters and cloud chasers. 

The flavour may not be as strong as other mango vape juices but it maintains a decent level of tastiness. 

Mango flavours FTW!

Are you as huge a fan of mango flavours as I am? If you are, check out the whole mango vape juice collection on our store! 

Have you tried any of the flavours on this list? How do they compare to Nasty Juice Cush Man? If you prefer Nasty Juice, tell us why! 

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