April 12, 2016

American Float by 77 Flavor will remind you of drinking a cold root beer float

One of the juices that’s frequently ordered by our customers overseas, American Float by 77 Flavor tastes just like drinking the actual beverage. Fizzy root beer with a generous scoop of vanilla ice cream.

A review of American Float by 77 Flavor

Smash Vape was amazing enough to do a review of the juice for us.

They call it a juice that is delicious and has a “freezing throat effect”. Cold vape juices are amazing to vape in hot and humid Malaysia and American Float by 77 Flavor is certainly one cold vape juice!

The packaging, they say, is also pretty unique as the juice comes in a slightly taller plastic bottle (it’s 40ml instead of the usual 30ml) and has a long drip tube that makes it easy to fill up your tank or drip onto your RDA.

They say that American Float tastes almost exactly the same as actual root beer. It even smells the same as root beer and has the same colour!

The inhale is akin to root beer, as the label indicates. It has a balanced sweetness and with the cooling agent in the juice, your throat will automatically be hit by the freezing effect.

On the exhale, there is less of a root beer taste and more of the creamy vanilla finish.

While the juice tastes delicious, the team at Smash Vape said that there were two cons: 1) the juice wasn’t cold enough and 2) it will gunk the cotton in your tank, or even on your RDA.

So if you like root beer flavours but hate the ones that are a bit too cold, American Float by 77 Flavor can be a good option. While you do have to change your cotton a bit more frequently, you’ll get more bang for your buck as the bottles come in 40ml sizes but are the same price as the typical 30ml bottle.

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