October 20, 2016

It's almost always the first fruit we learn about as children -- A is for Apple. But the apple is far from a simple fruit.

While all of us may have tasted an apple, maybe even more than one type of apple, there's a vast variety that we may have never even come across. There are more than 7,000 cultivated varieties (or cultivars) -- some for eating, many for creating ciders or flavouring for other foods. 

It's no surprise then, that when apple flavours are used in vape, the e-juice created can be amazingly complex while being deliciously clean. 

Apple is certainly one of our top favourite fruit flavours and of course, we have our favourite brands too. 

Horny Red Apple


The latest offering by Horny Flava, Horny Red Apple is a gorgeous red apple flavour with the distinct honey sweetness that comes with apples from the Red Delicious cultivar. There's a slight bitter note, a hint of the characteristic red apple skin. 

Just like the other two flavours from Horny, Red Apple is yet another amazing e-liquid that's super flavourful and can certainly qualify as an all-day vape. 

AJ Vape Double Apple


For those who love shisha flavours, AJ Vape Double Apple is an amazing e-juice to pick up. It's also a red apple flavour but has more of a woody note, which is more reminiscent of smoking a shisha pipe. 

An extremely popular flavour worldwide, Double Apple is definitely one of our favourites!

Matt Cool Dragonfly

A fresh flavour among the bunch, Matt Cool Dragonfly is a sour green apple flavour that's just as delicious as the rest. While not as popular among older vapers as its flavour is rather light, it's still extremely well-loved. 

A fantastic all-day vape, this e-juice is slightly sweet, slightly sour with just a hint of coolness. Vaping it feels like drinking a refreshing glass of cold apple juice! 

Grandeur Myra Fuji


Yet another amazing apple flavour made in Malaysia, Grandeur Myra Fuji was created based on the famous Myra Fuji red apple. It's a delightful apple flavour that's sweet, extremely flavourful with hints of lychee, vanilla and honey.  

Foxy Series: Pink


An amazing combination of apple and strawberry, two of our favourite fruit flavours, Foxy Series: Pink is a dream come true for us. 

Delightfully sweet and deliciously fruity, this Malaysian vape juice is a superb new discovery. 

What are your favourite apple flavours? Let us know in the comments!



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