August 03, 2016

It tastes amazing fresh, or even processed in jams, smoothies and pies. Strawberries and cream, strawberry tart, strawberry cheesecake, strawberry cocktail. Its sweet-sour flavour makes it an amazing addition to so many different desserts and drinks. 

It's no surprise then, that it's also an amazing addition to vape flavours. From dessert vapes to all-day vapes, strawberry is definitely a versatile flavour that can be used as a base or a topping. 

Here are some of our favourite strawberry-flavoured vape juices:

#1: Grandeur Fort Laramie Strawberry


This one definitely tops our list. We're not sure what else is in this vape juice but Grandeur Fort Laramie Strawberry is a strawberry flavour like no other. 

It's a strong fruity flavour that's not too sweet and doesn't have the heavy creaminess that comes with most strawberry vape e-juices. 

Relatively new on the scene, this was one strawberry flavour that we couldn't get enough of. We vaped it non-stop until the bottle was finished (too quickly!). 

#2: AJ Vape Triple 222


Not exactly a "strawberry flavour" as it's more of a fruity, mixed berries flavour... but AJ Vape 222 made the list because of how delicious it is. 

It does contain strawberries, as well as a blend of other berries. It's also a rather cold flavour, which means that vaping this is like drinking cold fruit juice. 

Definitely another all-day vape! 

#3: Fcukin Flava Strawberry Jello


Another flavour we vaped till the end of the bottle without even realising it. That's how delicious it was. 

Fcukin Flava Strawberry Jello is, as its name indicates, a strawberry jelly flavoured e-juice and it seriously tastes like the real thing.

Just slightly cold, it certainly brings me back to my childhood when I would eat strawberry jelly out of its plastic packaging. 

#4: Horny Strawberry


Initially a fruity flavour, Horny Strawberry now has an added creamy texture and it's just as delicious as before.

Unlike Creamy Suckerz's VeryBerry Flan or Suicide Bunny's Mother's Milk, Horny Strawberry has a very subtle creaminess -- just enough to enhance the sweetness of sour strawberry. 

#5: Cloud Niners Strawberry


We have mixed feelings about this e-juice, even though it's extremely popular worldwide. While we think it's a great flavour, we prefer strawberry vape juices with a hint of creaminess to bring out the taste of strawberry. 

However, for those who like strawberry flavours, without the heaviness of the cream, Cloud Niners Strawberry is a great flavour. 

Got a strawberry-flavoured e-liquid to recommend? Drop us a line.

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