July 08, 2016

Root beer vape juices, especially the good ones, can be extremely elusive.

When’s the last time you tasted an outstanding root beer flavour? One that truly tantalised your taste buds and made you want more and more and more?

To be perfectly honest, of all the root beer flavours that we’ve tried, there are only a handful that actually make the cut. Some of them barely.

Tasting root beer vape juices

As with all vape juices, the first thing we look at is the scent. Can you smell the flavours in the vape juice? At least the base flavour.

When it comes to root beer, what we’re looking for is a rich root beer fragrance. Many researchers agree that taste is highly affected by smell.

For vape juices, where what we taste is the vapour, smell is just as important if not more so.

With root beer vape juices, the first thing we look out for is if the vape juice has that unique root beer scent. Based on the smell, we can tell if the root beer flavour will be strong enough to come out in the vape juice.

On the inhale, we want to taste some coldness (it doesn’t have to be very cold), as well as a hint of fizziness. We’re not keen on soft drinks that have gone flat.

Once in the mouth, the flavour should be full-bodied and be able to flood the tongue and palate with delicious root beer sweetness.

While root beer might sound like a simple flavour to brew, it actually requires more than just the root beer flavouring.

Since root beer is a root, there’s the bitter aftertaste to contend with. Brewers also have to think about how to balance the sweetness and fizziness, as well as how to round out the flavour.

Here are some brands that we think have done a pretty good job:

#5: Cloud Chasers Root Beer Float


A delicious root beer flavour in its own right, Cloud Chasers Root Beer Float is one of the few high VG root beer flavours made in Malaysia.

While we like the fact that this flavour allows the production of clouds, we’re partial towards more flavourful vape juices, which is hard to accomplish with higher VG content.

#4: 77 Flavor American Float

Yet another root beer float flavour, 77 Flavor American Float is an extremely popular vape juice worldwide.

The fact that it comes in 35ml bottles also makes it pretty value for money. (Most vape juices come in 30ml bottles for the same price.)

The vanilla ice cream flavours help to round out the spiciness of the root beer making a smoother vape.

But while this could potentially be an all-day vape, we prefer stronger flavoured root beer vape juices.

#3: Compton Cherry Root Beer

A totally unique root beer e-liquid blend, Compton Cherry Root Beer is a delicious root beer flavour with a hint of cherry.

It is extremely fragrant from the get-go. The cherry is immediately discernible just from smell alone.

We love this brewer’s unique take on the flavour.

Where most brewers are using vanilla, Compton uses cherry to smoothen out the spicy root beer.

#2: Dr Brew Rude Beer

This flavour probably doesn’t need an introduction. Sold in droves since it was released last year, Dr Brew Rude Beer is a household favourite among many Malaysian vapers.

For those who love cold flavours, this is an amazing pure root beer e-liquid that’s full-flavoured and delicious.

However, the flavour is more candy-like rather than drink-flavoured. It tastes more like gummy candy, rather than the actual drink.

#1: Grandeur Real Root Beer


The absolute best root beer flavour that we’ve tasted, Grandeur Real Root Beer tastes and smells just like the actual drink.

Even non-vapers who have smelled this e-liquid say that it makes them crave a glass of fresh, cold root beer.

Cold and fizzy in just the right measure, Grandeur Real Root Beer is a total treat to vape.

It’s no surprise then that it’s been flying off shelves since it was launched earlier this year. We’ve even had vapers drop us emails and messages asking if we stock this e-liquid.

Got any other root beer flavours to recommend? Drop us a line.


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