June 10, 2016

Hello to our beloved readers and Vape Club International fans. Due to popular demand, we would like to announce that we have included Nasty Juice, Cloud Niners e-juice and Horny Mango to our product offering. We are also ready for international shipping for Cloud Niners e-liquid! We hope you are as ready as we are.

This article will cover all you need to know about the superb Cloud Niners e-liquid by Vape Sauce that has been taking the international Vape scene by storm in recent months. Ever since we launched our international shipping program, this product really took off! We are currently shipping about 500 bottles of Cloud Niners per month and would like to shout out to the Vape Sauce team for doing such a great job.

Vape Sauce places a lot of emphasis on the markets such as Thailand, France, Indonesia, United Kingdom and is well accepted in all of those markets. This speaks volume about the quality and value that they bring to the table. There is no wonder vapes all around the world love them. They have more than a hundred official resellers all around the world! Vapers looking to get their hands on these all-day vape worthy juices can do so rather easily.

One of the many things that we love about this brand is that they have a big range of flavours (six to be exact). We’ve been vaping Cloud Niners e-liquid for about a year now and their manufacturing quality has always been consistent. I have never vaped out of a Cloud Niners bottle and not find it satisfying. We are very happy that amidst all the turmoil within the vape industry, vape brewers are still coming up with delicious flavours.

At Vape Club International, we always make sure we stock up on their juices as they’re steadily flying of the shelves. This is definitely one of our best selling brands and we foresee it will stay this way for a long time to come.

P/S: We recently added Cloud Niners e-liquid to our list of products that are ready for international shipping. Order here today.

Introducing Cloud Niners e-liquid

One of the biggest vape e-juice brands in Malaysia. Vape Sauce has a reputation of producing extremely high quality e-liquids that are also good for your wallet. Cloud Niners e-liquid by Vape Sauce is one of their finest brands of flavours. If you are a cloud chaser, enjoy fruity flavours and is looking for great value, look no further, this brand is for you.

One of the greatest selling points for Cloud Niners is that it contains 55ml of e-juice, giving it massive value! It also boasts a very clean and high quality fruit flavour with high VG content (PG/VG is at 30/70). This makes this Malaysian e-liquid a blast to chain vape and perfect for cloud chasing.

Cloud Niners e-juice currently have 6 flavours. These flavours being, Cloud Niners Blackcurrant, Cloud Niners Mango, Cloud Niners Lychee, Cloud Niners Pineapple, Cloud Niners Honeydew and Cloud Niners Strawberry (ordered by our personal preference).

Within a month of including this brand of e-liquid, we have shipped 250 bottles of Cloud Niners e-juice internationally. This speaks volume about the strong demand for Cloud Niners’ for vapers all around the world.

One of the biggest headaches for e-juice exporters in Malaysia are glass bottles as they are heavy and expensive for international shipping. Addressing this issue, the plastic bottle for Cloud Niners e-liquid by Vape Sauce makes it way cheaper for international shipping, which is why this flavour appeals so much to our international clients.

Without dilly daly, here’s our opinionated review of each Cloud Niners’ flavours :-

Cloud Niners Mango


Malaysia is renowned for supple and rich mango flavoured e-juices. Cloud Niners Mango is no different! This flavour is the top selling flavour in its brand, many of our European and Middle
Eastern clients love this flavour and cannot get enough of it.

One of the best things about this flavour is the fragrance. Vaping these on a hot, sunny day feels sublime. The juice itself is chock-full of mango richness during the inhale. And that’s only the beginning. Wait for the rich, cold mango flavours to open up even more in your mouth on the exhale.
Other great mango flavours worth mentioning are Horny Mango, Masterblend Mangoking and Nasty Juice Fat Boy.

Cloud Niners Blackcurrant


This is a straight up blackcurrant flavour. Even though it is extremely difficult to go wrong with blackcurrant flavors as it is one of the most popular fruit flavors in Malaysia, this flavour takes it to a whole new level. Enriching your taste buds with a
super rich blackcurrant taste.

Sweet, rich and refreshing, Cloud Niners Blackcurrant is an exquisite fruity blend that will leave you wanting for more. The fruity, fragrant inhale and the minty exhale will bring you to cloud nine (pun intended).

Another great blackcurrant flavour worth mentioning is Masterblend Superstar and Nasty Juice Bad Blood.

Cloud Niners Lychee


Not many vape juice makers dare mess with Lychee flavours as it is super tough to get right (believe us, we’ve tried countless DIY recipes to no success). We can’t say the same for Vape Sauce because they nailed Cloud Niners Lychee. This flavour is truly delectable and a blast to vape.

A fine blend of lychee and a refreshing cooling sensation. Perfect all day vape material for lychee lovers during summer. The aroma is instantly distinguishable when you open the top cap of the bottle. On the inhale, you will experience the fresh tropical lychee flavour overwhelm your pallets. When you hold the vapour in your mouth, this sweet lychee flavour will linger indefinitely on your taste buds. The exhale reminds you of drinking ice cold lychee on a freakishly hot day.

Cloud Niners Pineapple


The first time we vaped this e-juice, it is reminiscent of the sensation you get from visiting a tropical beach. Not too overpowering and citrusy like what you’d expect from a pineapple blend. For those of you who like citrusy flavours, this is a great alternative as it doesn’t deliver a bitter aftertaste like most pineapple flavours out there in the market.

It’s surprising that many single flavoured pineapple flavours out there that are horrible. However, Cloud Niners Pineapple is one pineapple flavour that stands out from the crowd. It has a refreshing and cooling sensation during inhale and a rich fruity exhale. The low PG content makes it smooth for vaping and leaves you wanting for more.

Cloud Niners Honeydew


Words cannot describe how well done this flavour is made (although we will try). We dare say that Cloud Niners Honeydew is the best honeydew flavour available in Malaysia right now due to its clean and crisp flavour profile.

While our all time favourite honeydew flavour is Artist Collection’s Hedon’s Bite (even though it is unfair to compare American and Malaysian flavours due to the vastly different taste profile), we instantly fell in love with this creamy yet refreshing honeydew blend. This vape reminds us of chewing freshly harvested yet ripened honeydew on a hot sunny day. A must try!

The other Malaysian honeydew flavours that has this standard of quality would be Fcukin Flava’s Fcukin Munkey and Nasty Juice Devil Teeth. There aren’t many local honeydew flavours that I crave but these two are definitely on the top on my list.

Cloud Niners Strawberry


We usually do not suggest vaping Malaysian strawberry flavoured e-juice unless it is a rich creamy blend (i.e. Paired with custard, cream and etc) – stuff like Suicide Bunny Mother’s Milk.

While this is our least favourite flavour from the range, we have to say that this flavour is one of the best Strawberry fruity blend we have ever tried. Cloud Niners Strawberry is refreshing and very sweet. However we still feel that strawberry flavours are best with cream based enhancers.

Cloud Niners Peach Lime

Edit : Cloud Niners Peach Lime is one of the two of newest additions to the Cloud Niners series, the other one being Cloud Niners Orange. This flavor is worth mentioning as it is perfect for chasing clouds in a hot day as the refreshing flavor is truly sublime.

They were recently present at the exhibition at Stadium Merdeka Mavex 2016 alongside Cynara, Grandeur and also Compton e-liquids. If you would like to discover the bustling vape scene in Malaysia, we highly recommend that you visit one of the expos in the country. It’s a sight to behold and you won’t regret it!

How To Buy

If you’re a fan of their flavours, we have great news for you! It is now available on Vape Club International Store.

Step 1)
Look for Cloud Niners e-juices, add any amount you like to cart.
Step 2)
Go to your cart, play around with the amounts to calculate shipping costs to your country.
Step 3)
Now all you have to do is fill out your information and complete payment.

Vape Club International accepts PayPal for all international shipping orders at no extra surcharge, which means it’s super easy for you!

Want to stock Cloud Niners in your vape shop?

If you’re a reseller with customers asking for Cloud Niners, we also have something for you. Check out our Wholesale page and contact us through there with your enquiry.

We’ll send you a list with great prices, crafted specially for resellers. If you have further questions, feel free to drop us a line.

That’s it guys, hope this guide can help you make your decision when deciding if this is the right product for you and which Cloud Niners e-liquid to purchase. Do also check out our detailed review of Fcukin Flava and Nasty Juice.

Vape on!

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