April 09, 2016

Cynara vape juice combines sweet strawberry and tangy cheese


A couple of months ago, we added a new juice to our line-up. A super unique flavour, the first one with a real cheese flavour to it.

Anyone who’s seen the movie Ratatouille will remember the part where Remy the rat discovers the explosiveness created by the combination of cheese and strawberry – sweet, sour juiciness of the strawberry combined with the salty, creamy nuttiness of the cheese.

Mmmmm… just thinking about it makes my mouth water.

A review of Cynara vape juice

The team at SmashVape recently reviewed the 9mg Cynara vape juice and said that the strawberry flavour was clear-cut from the beginning of the hit.

They added that the flavour wasn’t too sweet. “You will definitely love it, even if you are not strawberry hardcore fans,” they wrote.


According to SmashVape, the creamy cheese taste follows closely behind the strawberry and while it blends well into the mixture, there are still two distinct flavours that makes the flavour feel delicious and warm without being too sweet.

The flavour gets a thumbs up from SmashVape, with the team agreeing that it’s a “great premium e-liquid”.

“It is hard to believe this e-liquid was actually brewed by Malaysians,” they write in the review, adding that most Malaysian vape juices are usually too sweet.

They recommend the Cynara vape juice for strawberry cheese fans, or for anyone else looking for high quality vape juices at reasonable prices.

Read the review at SmashVape.my or head on over to our store to get your bottle today!

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