February 02, 2017

Rejoice vapers! Vape Club International has launched its e-juice affiliate program.


Vape Club International is built by a team of passionate vapers that are on a mission to make stopping smoking cigarettes accessible to anyone worldwide. Our latest agenda was to launch an affiliate program to help passionate vapers spread the love - while making money doing it!

Who we're looking for
Believe in vaping and want a smoke-free world for your children? Are you a passionate vaper, YouTuber, Instagrammer or blogger? Help us win the war against tobacco by signing up for our e-juice affiliate program. 

Compensation plan
We feel that it is only right thatwe compensate you for each new customer that you refer to Vape Club International. You will get a unique link to promote on your social media assets, YouTube channel or blog. 

For each sale (and subsequent ones) you refer to us, you get 10% of the cart value*. This means that for everyone you refer to us, you get 10% off their first and all future orders*!

Start selling competitive and high quality products people love, starting today.

Why You Should Join Our Program
1) We offer timely (weekly) payouts via PayPal
2) Make money while changing the world for the better
3) Monetise your content
4) High conversion rates (2%)
5) Average order value on our store is $100. For orders of that value, you make a minimum of $10 for each person you refer to us.

Join our e-juice affiliate program today!

* For a limited time only. Sign up while this lasts!

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