June 06, 2016

There aren’t many brands that keep getting it right when it comes to flavours. But Fcukin Flava is definitely one of the Malaysian brands that keeps getting it right.

One of the things we love about it is that there is a large range of flavours to choose from and all them them are constantly consistent in quality. I’ve never tasted a juice by Fcukin Flava that wasn’t satisfying.

Fcukin Flava, fcukin’ delicious

According to their About Us section on the website, they are “committed” to producing juices – especially of the fruity variety – that are all-day vape-worthy.

All of the ingredients used in their vape juices are imported from the United States and each batch of juice is “delicately made by hand” in small quantities. This is to ensure that taste and quality of each and every one of their juices are “well-preserved”.

While they don’t actually use the term, Fcukin Flava is a brand that believes in kaizen and are constantly aiming to improve their products – whether in terms of flavour or even product design.


Image credit: Fcukin Flava

Although their headquarters are based in Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia, they have 70 official resellers and more distributors worldwide. This means that vapers looking to get their hands on delicious all-day vape juices can definitely stock up on Fcukin Flava’s products.

For those unfamiliar with the brand, Fcukin Flava has three juice series – the All-Day Vape (ADV) Series, the Cream Series and the Cloud Series. Each series has its own set of fans.

The ADV Series

Definitely one of our favourites from Fcukin Flava, there are currently 10 juices in this series. The two newest are Smashin’ Lemonade and Frosty Hacks.

While we have yet to try the latest ones, we can attest to the fact that the ones that we’ve tried have been superb.

Fcukin Munkey

This is a straight-up honeydew fruity vape flavour. There may be a mass of honeydew flavours in the vape market but not every flavour gets the honeydew notes right.

One of the best things about honeydew is how cleanly fragrant it is. As its name suggests, there are hints of honey in its scent. If it’s a good fruit, you’ll know that when you bite into its flesh, it will be sinfully juicy.

Eating it chilled on a hot day feels like heaven. Fcukin Munkey totally nails down this feeling.

The juice itself is chock-full of honeydew fragrance. And that’s only the beginning. Wait for the rich, cold, juicy honeydew flavours to open up even more in your mouth on the inhale.

Cool Berry Strawberry Jello

Another fruity vape flavour that simple yet complex at the same time, Cool Berry (Now known as Strawberry Jello) is a cooling strawberry flavour that’s perfect for those who can’t get enough of strawberries.

The inhale is fresh, slightly chilled strawberries, with a flavour that opens up even more in your mouth.

Now, here is when this flavour becomes more complex: the exhale contains hints of strawberry jelly that’s full of strawberry yumminess.

Yummayy Guava

A total must-try, especially if you like cold and fruity vape juices, Yummayy Guava is truly delectable.

One of the most sweet, fragrant and juicy types of guava, the pink guava – also known as the apple guava – is the perfect fruit to inspire a vape juice flavour.

The aroma is distinguishable from the moment you pop open a bottle of this flavour. On the inhale, take in the sweet, juiciness of pink guava. Hold the vapour in your mouth and wait for the sweet-sourness to take over.

The exhale is fresh fruitiness that will make you think of sunbathing on a tropical island beach.

Freezy Mango

One of three mango flavours in the ADV series, Freezy Mango captures precisely the flavour of green mango.

More crunchy than juicy, the flavour has hints of sweetness and sourness, drenched in the aromatic fragrance of fresh-of-the-tree, raw mango.

Normally eaten as an appetiser, this flavour will certainly open up your appetite for more!

Philippines Mango

The Philippines is famous for its juicy, sweet, fully ripe mangoes that burst open with the flavour and fragrance so unique to mangoes. Philippines Mango captures the essence of this mango and delivers a full-bodied flavour with every puff of this fruity vape flavour.
Get it now here.

Schweet Mango
Another spin on the green mango, Schweet Mango has all the tartness and sweetness of fresh, raw mango. Its main difference is that it doesn’t have the cooling effect that’s present in the Freezy mango.

For those who like fruity flavours that don’t deliver a cold aftertaste, this is a good alternative to cold fruity vape flavours. As there are many fans of mango-flavoured juices, we’re psyched that there’s a non-cold alternative that’s just as delicious.

Freezy Pineapple

It may seem like you can’t go wrong when you base your vape juice off a single fruit. But I’ve tasted so many pineapple flavours that never really manage to hit the spot.

Freezy Pineapple is a pineapple flavour that definitely hits the spot. Sweet, juicy and sour in exactly the right amounts, topped off with a hint of coolness, this is one pineapple flavour that stands out amongst the others.

Freezy Grapes
A cold, delicious blend of blackcurrant and grape, Freezy Grapes is another fruity vape flavour that’s easy to make your all-day vape. Its light fragrance and full flavour make it a vape juice that’s appetising and will certainly keep you craving more.

One of my favourite type of fruity flavour is blackcurrant and there are a lot of juices that never manage to nail down the sweetness and tartness of blackcurrant.

As far as blackcurrant flavours go, the one other flavour that’s just as delicious a blackcurrant is Masterblend Superstar. There aren’t many blackcurrant flavours that I crave for but Freezy Grapes is definitely one of the ones that I seek out.

Smashin’ Lemonade
While I’m not a fan of lemon-based flavours (I don’t even enjoy lemon-flavoured candy), this is one lemon flavour that I can appreciate. A perfectly-balanced blend of lemon and tangerine, Smashin’ Lemonade packs all the punch and sourness of lemon, with hints of tangy, sweet effervescence from the tangerine.

Frosty Hacks
I’m not a fan of this one, but for those who like mentholated, cough-drop like sweets, this is perfect. A re-creation of the classic cough drop, Hacks, Frosty Hacks is certainly a unique flavour.

The Cream Series

While the ADV series is a 60-40 balance of propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG) – which creates the perfect level of flavour and cloud – the cream series has slightly more PG.


Image credit: Fcukin Flava

This results in a vape juice that’s more flavourful, which is perfect for creamy juices.

Blue Label

The newest flavour in this series, the Blue Label is a delicious cheesecake flavour with hints of graham crust. Much like New York cheesecake, this flavour has hints of lemon, vanilla and sugar.

The tanginess of the baked cheesecake blends perfectly with the sweet, crunchy graham cracker crust to create a flavour that’s delectably satisfying.

A gorgeous dessert-flavoured vape, the Blue Label is perfect for after-dinner vaping and can be paired perfectly with a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon or a hot cup of black coffee.

Yellow Label
Although creamy flavours are generally less likely to be all-day vapes, the Yellow Label is a beautiful mixture of butterscotch and vanilla, combined in amounts known only to Fcukin Flava, and is certainly all-day vape worthy.

It may seem like an extremely rich flavour but butterscotch is really a simple mixture of butter and brown sugar, boiled to a temperature of about 135°C and has a sugar concentration of about 95%.

Pour butterscotch sauce over vanilla ice cream and a simple dessert is transformed into opulent indulgence.

White Label
Combine the colors of the rainbow and what do you get? White light!

White Label is another brilliant flavour that’s a perfect combination of strawberry, blueberry, banana, vanilla ice cream and Fcukin Flava’s secret ingredient.

A gorgeous blend of fruitiness and creaminess, White Label is perfect for those who can’t decide if they love fruity or creamy juices in their vape.

Red Label
Another gorgeous dessert vape, the Red Label is a sensationally rich flavour that features creamy banana as its base. It’s followed up with hints of hazelnut that gives this otherwise standard flavour a unique twist.


Image credits: Real Simple

The Cloud Series


For those who are into cloud chasing, the Cloud Series is perfect for making large clouds, without compromising flavour.

The juices in this series are 100% VG-based to create more vapour. While they may not be as flavour-rich as the juices in the other series, the flavours in the Cloud Series are fresh and maintain a certain level of tastiness.

This series is also perfect for those wanting to practice tricks and making clouds as it has 0mg nicotine.

A favourite beverage in Malaysian households, Ribena is a fruity blackcurrant cordial that’s perfect when mixed in icy cold water. This Ribena vape juice gets the flavour so right, it’s uncanny.

Pair this fruity vape flavour with awesome coils and prep yourself for ginormous clouds!

Honeydew Blackcurrant
Combine deliciously sweet blackcurrant with juicy honeydew and you’ll achieve delectable cloudy heights.

While I’m not a fan of 100% VG flavours, Honeydew Blackcurrant is a decent flavour as vape juices go. The flavours aren’t too intense and it certainly produces the clouds required for those into cloud chasing.


Image credits: Fcukin Flava

Fcukin Flava Familia

If this entire collection isn’t enough, the Fcukin Flava factory also produces a range of other e-liquids. Besides its own brand, there are two other brands under the Familia umbrella – Madbull Flavorco and HUSH.

According to its website, the Familia aims to “provide enhanced customer service, streamlined distribution and more efficient operations”.

The e-liquids under the Familia are brewed by vapers, who understand that each vaper has different taste preferences but also wants superb quality in every juice.

All the e-liquids are “brewed and bottled professionally in a clean environment” in a brewery that’s modeled after some of the best breweries in the world.

Madbull Flavorco has three juices in their repertoire, each modeled after a beverage. Each of the juices has a different percentage of VG and I’m curious as to why (a question I will seek the answer to).

Madbull 73
A lime cooler vape juice, the Madbull 73 has an effervescent, zesty flavour that’s perfect for tropical or summer weather. A definite all-day vape for those who enjoy lemony flavours. With 73% VG, it’s an e-liquid that will also assist in cloud production.

Madbull 79
Combine frozen pineapple, pineapple juice and coconut cream and what do you get? A delicious pina colada that will make you feel as if you’re basking on the beach in Malibu.

This Madbull vape juice is made with 79% VG and has a gorgeous flavour, as well as produces a gigantic amount of cloud.

Madbull 86
Prepared in 86% VG, this Madbull vape juice is based on the apple cider beverage. In the United States, this is simply apple juice with the pulp unfiltered.

However, in other parts of the world, apple cider is usually fermented and has a more bubbly texture that gives it more bite and makes it a deliciously refreshing soft drink.


The other flavour under the Familia, Hush is amazing, not just because of its packaging, which in itself makes it a collectible, but also because of its delicious, exquisitely complex flavours.

The brand currently has four flavours under its belt, all of which are dessert or creamy-type flavours.

The Jester
The fruitiest of all the flavours, The Jester is a mixture of peach, dragonfruit and mango cream. The lush sweetness of the peach blends perfectly with the more subtle sweetness of the dragonfruit.

Combined with hints of creamy mango, this blend transforms into a creamy, fruity dessert that’s reminiscent of rich fruit pudding. Like the jester that’s playful, yet mysterious, this flavour by Hush is a wonderfully light fruity vape flavour that’s lively and complex.

Scream Queen

Luscious and creamy, Scream Queen is a decadent strawberry and cream flavour, topped off with hints of white chocolate.

The creaminess of this vape flavour is sumptuous and completely infused with the sweet-sourness of fresh strawberry. The white chocolate rounds out the flavour and makes it a wholly appetising dessert vape juice that’s crave-worthy.

EDIT : We now have Scream Queen on our store!

White Witch

A gorgeous flavour that feels complex and magical, White Witch is a mix of oat crust pudding with white chocolate truffles, topped off with sweet vanilla sauce.

The result is an exquisitely opulent dessert vape. The inhale is sweet cream that rounds out even more as you hold the flavour in your mouth. Hints of oat crust gives the flavour its edge and cuts through the rich monotony.

EDIT : We now have White Witch on our store!

Bloody Baker

A delicious baked dessert flavour, Bloody Baker is a heavenly apple pie flavour. While apple pies may seem like a simple enough dessert to make, there are apple pies that have the ability to knock your socks off.

First of all, the apple has to be caramelised to just the right level so that it’s soft enough, while still retaining its rich apple flavour. Next, the filling should have just the right amount of cinnamon so that it’s fragrant without being too spicy. Third of all, the crust has to be crunchy on the top but soft at its base, buttery enough and tasty enough to round off the dish.

Bloody Baker is a grand blend of caramelised apple, with hints of cinnamon and topped off with a warm, buttery crust. Enough said. Totally delicious!

EDIT : We now have Bloody Baker on our store!

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