January 28, 2016

Here are some tips to save money on vape juice and stay in control of your finances.

With cigarette prices increasing around the world, now’s a good time to start switching to an alternative nicotine delivery system! While vaping can get pricey – there’s always new equipment and accessories to keep up with – vapers have more control over what they spend on and when it comes to juices, there are ways to save money.

#1 Stock up on juices during events
More and more vape events are being held yearly in the United States, Asia and Europe. Vape juices are normally sold at lower prices at these events, or perhaps even given out for free! With so many vape events happening in a year, it’s possible to get a regular supply of juices just by frequenting vape events.

#2 Look for stores that provide bulk order options
There’s normally a discount that comes with bulk orders but not all vape stores offer this option. Do a quick Internet search for stores that provide bulk orders and contact the owners. If their minimum order quantity is too large for just yourself, then round up a few friends and pool your orders. You’ll save money and get to try a variety of juices!


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#3 Wait for promotions at your local vape stores
Yes, if you wait long enough, there will definitely come a time when stores might want to start bringing in new juices and decide that it’s alright to sell the older juices at a lower price. As an example, we saw a store the other day selling CreamySuckerz’s flavour Banana Anna at RM15. The normal retail price is RM50!

#4 Make your own vape juices
I love this method because I’m the sort of vaper who’s always on the lookout for new flavors, some of which can be super simple to make but tough to find. However, the downside is that you will need to pay for supplies up front. There also the time involved in mixing, steeping and bottling.

#5 Sign up for a vape juice subscription service
You’ll definitely save money using this method, as well as be able to discover new juices! In the US, there is a range of subscription services available, from The Drip Club to Zamplebox. In Malaysia, VapeClubMY provides a variety of subscription packages, where you can get a three, four or six-bottle box of juice every month with up to 30% off retail prices.

Do you have any other tips on how to save money when vaping? Tell us!


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