April 12, 2016

Studies have shown that vaping is less harmful than smoking. We examine some of the ways vaping is less harmful.

It’s been said a million times – cigarette smoking is addictive. Governments have published warnings about the negative effects of smoking. In most countries there are regulations to control smoking, while in some others, regulations are in the form of taxes.

Despite the hefty prices, smokers continue to smoke. Some governments even conduct smoking cessation workshops to help smokers quit the habit. This hasn’t worked.

Even total banning of cigarettes would not work, as that would be likely to result in an underground market for tobacco.

Perhaps one of the best ways to encourage smoking cessation is to provide an alternative that’s much less harmful ie. vaping, which could eventually replace tobacco completely.

Vaping emerged onto the scene recently and is slowly growing in the smoking community with its proponents arguing that it is a healthier, safer and definitely, better alternative.

The use of e-cigarettes compared to the current regular cigarette is irrefutably a better option and is the best card we could deal to have smokers quit smoking.

Although, it doesn’t necessarily follow that we don’t have to face risks. Everything is risky so the only way out is to find the one with the lesser risks and that is definitely, vape.

There are some adversaries against vaping arguing that it is not the solution to the problem of smoking. However, none of these anti-vape proponents have suggested a formidable idea that could actually eradicate the problem of smoking.

Furthermore, the arguments raised by those who hate vaping can mostly be disputed and debunked because aside from the lack of accurate information, it also lacks analysis that could support their claims.

Why? Simply because it is hard to argue that vaping is not better than smoking. Thus, here are the reasons why vaping is the healthier, safer and the less harmful choice for smokers.

The ingredients in vape juices are less harmful compared to those in cigarettes

First, the ingredients found in vape juices, which are used in vaping, are definitely less harmful compared to the 4000 plus harmful chemicals found in a single cigarette.


If you have gone through making your own e-liquid, because you can certainly do that, then you will know that it only contains four main ingredients. These ingredients include propylene glycol (PG), which the United States’ Food and Drugs Administration considers safe.

The second ingredient is vegetable glycerin (VG) which could be found in some food items and cosmetics. As the name suggests, it is definitely organic and nontoxic.

Third is the flavouring which is just used to add a variety of tastes for the vape and lastly, nicotine which is also found in cigarettes.

Pure nicotine may be a harmful and poisonous chemical, but then again, so is caffeine. When mixed into vape juices, it gives the same effect as drinking caffeine in coffee.

Even with the presence of nicotine in vape juices, a vaper actually has the choice to limit the amount of nicotine placed in the liquid or completely rule it out.

On the other hand, smokers certainly do not have any idea about how many harmful chemicals and even cancer-causing ingredients are found in the cigarette. There are actually over 4000 plus including ammonia, benzene, acetylene and many others.

Traditional cigarettes also have tar that e-cigarettes do not have. Although nicotine can be addictive, it is found out that smokers do not actually die because of nicotine. In fact, it is the tar in traditional cigarettes that cause illnesses.

These chemicals have been seen to cause cancer such as lung and prostate cancer. Furthermore, smoking has been also seen as the cause of many cardiovascular and respiratory infections and diseases.

Cigarettes have formaldehyde but vapes don’t

Also, the conventional cigarette contains formaldehyde which is also carcinogenic when exposed to in high doses.

Although there are some recent studies saying that vapes also contain formaldehyde, this is not yet proven and guaranteed. Moreover, even if it becomes proven, the study states that formaldehyde in vapes only forms at very high temperatures.


This means that if a vaper would not smoke in an environment with high and dangerous levels of temperature, he will not be exposed to formaldehyde and have its adverse effects to his health.

Now, who would vape in an environment with critical temperature levels?

On the other hand, the presence of formaldehyde in the traditional cigarette is not dependent on conditions and circumstances because regardless of where he smokes, he will still be exposed to it.

Vaping doesn’t cause harm to non-smokers

Not only will the smoker be exposed to harmful chemicals found in the cigarette, the public will also be affected because of the secondhand smoke.

It is believed that passive smokers or those who inhale smoke from cigarettes unintentionally are greatly affected by its harmful effects. People who have never smoked in their lifetime could die from lung cancer because of inhaling secondhand smoke.

Wives and children are also affected when their father smokes and the study about childhood cancer linked to tobacco smoking is still currently being studied.

The vapour produced by e-cigarettes does not have this very adverse effect to the public regardless of distance. This comes from the fact that vapes do not contain a lot of carcinogens and toxins found in cigarettes.

Also, it is because the smoke from cigarette smoking lingers around longer compared to that release from vaping, which is why the latter is the safer choice for public health.

Vaping can help to reduce nicotine intake

Another important caveat of tobacco cigarettes is the addiction that it could cause due to the high levels of nicotine present which could increase every day depending on the intake of the smoker.



Vaping is less harmful than smoking and switching to vaping can even benefit your loved ones.

This addiction also affects mental and psychological health because if it is not consumed, the smoker will have withdrawal symptoms such as loss of appetite for food or lack of concentration or even insomnia.

Although nicotine is also present in the e-liquid, except for those who prefer not using it, the amount of nicotine consumed by a vaper is far from the amount of nicotine inhaled by a smoker by burning tobacco.

Furthermore, vapers who were formerly smokers have stated that switching to vapes have helped them manage the intake of nicotine and gear towards stopping it totally.

It becomes easier to totally abandon smoking by making it a gradual process of adjusting nicotine content which they can do when vaping.

No combustion happens during vaping

The thing about smoking is the presence of combustion when you burn the cigarette. This flame is not found when you are using vapes.

The e-cigarettes mainly release water vapour coming from the warming of the e-liquid once you turn it on. However, studies support that these traces of vapour is relatively safe.

PG, a main ingredient of e-liquids is mostly consumed by vapers and is not being released to the public.

Furthermore, nicotine exhaled by vapers decrease every time they gust. Thus, there is no study to back up that vapes produces secondhand smoke like tobacco cigarettes does.

The vapour produced when vaping is much safer and less harmful and cannot cause terminal illnesses to the innocent public.

If cells are exposed to smoke from cigarettes, they perish after only 24 hours. This is relatively quick compared to the as far as eight weeks of survival when exposed to vapour from e-cigarettes.

This study reveals vaping is less harmful than smoking. While vaping may not be healthy per se, it is a relatively healthier option compared to smoking.

The wide ranging harm cause by smoking

Smoking is harmful and can affect all systems in your body, may it be nervous system, circulatory, skeletal and muscular system. It can even greatly impair your immune system, making you vulnerable against diseases.

It is also linked to the adverse effects in a person’s mental and emotional health which is why the causes of death linked to smoking varies from cancer, heart related problems and even HIV or suicide.

The destructiveness of smoking is wide ranging. Even if some people say e-cigarettes are not safe and still risky, it is still the better solution and the less harmful alternative to smoking tobacco.

It does not damage your heart or your brain and although a lot of research still needs to be conducted, what’s certain is that vaping is less harmful than smoking traditional cigarettes.

In fact, it is intended for exactly that purpose – to create a way, a cheaper way too, for smokers to still have nicotine but not the other toxins consumed by inhaling burned tobacco.

The benefits associated to the use of e-cigarettes compared to smoking outweigh the risks mentioned. Aside from the relatively safer option that it is, it is also the most economical and environmentally-friendly option, especially in the long run.

People will never have to deal with secondhand smoke and also cigarette butts again with this innovation. There is also a lesser tendency for fire sparked by cigarettes thrown anywhere.

Although it is admitted that e-cigarettes are not totally healthy as they still contain nicotine and that quitting smoking is still better, it is also conveyed that the switch from traditional cigarette smoking towards vaping could largely benefit the people and the society.

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