July 12, 2016

When I first switched from smoking to vaping, I knew that I was doing the right thing. It was about two years ago. I had started playing futsal and I found that I was constantly out of breath if I ran too much.

However, as good a choice as that was, there were some frustrations that I face till today. Most of these are due to public reception of vaping or less-than-ideal products on the market.

The trials of being a vaper

After talking with some fellow vapers, I found that these frustrations were not uncommon. Many vapers face the same frustrations, especially if they have been vaping for some time.


#1: People walking towards smokers to avoid us.
No joke! I’ve encountered this countless times.

I only vape where smoking is allowed. Just the other day, I was at a cafe. I sat outdoors where there were ashtrays laid out on the tables and vaped. Two ladies walked in and wanted to sit outdoors as well.

I was nowhere close to them but when they saw me, they made a face, then went indoors. Hello! They were prepared to sit in the smoking area until they saw someone vaping there. Is that ironic or ironic? FYI, I don’t even cloud chase.

Once, I even saw a mother with a baby walk closer towards a table full of smokers so that she could avoid me.


#2: Non-vapers asking to try our vapes then asking if it’s actually better than smoking.
I have friends who smoke (some up to two packs a day). Sometimes when we go out for a drink, they’ll ask to try my vape. And then as they’re holding my vape, they’ll ask, “Actually, is vaping better than smoking?”

Hello! One cigarette has between 8mg to 20mg of nicotine and a whole lot of other chemicals besides. One bottle of vape juice has between 6mg to 12mg of nicotine (depending on which you purchase). In terms of content, vape juice contains food grade chemicals – propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin and flavouring (all of which are also used in cooking).

Is vaping safe? That’s not an accurate question to ask because at the end of the day, what is safe. Even breathing in too much oxygen is harmful. Vitamin C can poison you if you take too much of it.

Is vaping safer compared to smoking?


#3: Juices that gunk our coil too quickly.
This frustrates me to no end at times. I love trying new flavours (and working at Vape Club International allows me that benefit). But sometimes, I stumble upon flavours that just contain too much sugar!

Some coil gunk is bearable but when it gets too much, it’s too much. I’ve vaped juices where, I change my wick at night and in the morning, I have to clean my coil again.


I try to avoid juices like these. While some are pretty tasty, it’s just not worth it.

Besides the coil gunking, I find that I get bored of these juices pretty quickly. After a while of vaping, I taste more sweetness than actual flavour.

At the end of the day, there’s just more cons than pros to vaping these flavours. I definitely prefer juices that are full of flavour, rather than just sweet.

#4: When our batteries run out while we’re out!


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