October 17, 2017


If you're a vaper, you would definitely have heard of of NOS E-liquids. One of the newer brands to drift into the market, the NOS vape juices have certainly left a lot of their contemporaries in the dust. 

While the taste profile of the NOS e-juices are typical of Malaysian juices – a fruity profile, with a slight cooling effect – their packaging is what stands out. 

Modelled after the nitrous oxide tanks used in cars, the NOS e-liquid bottles are fun little collectibles. In terms of taste, there are definitely vape juices that aren't as yum. 

The brand currently has three flavours in their line-up, two of which named after a vehicle-related term. 

(Here at Vape Club, we love seeing vape juices with great brand identity. And NOS just falls a little short.)

NOS G-Force

The top selling flavour of the three, NOS G-Force is a thrilling blend of blackcurrant and grape.

Blackcurrant vape juices are extremely popular. Grape vape juices, on the other hand don't usually do as well unless they're combined with other fruits or used in soda flavours. 

However, NOS e-liquids have combined the two and created a flavour that has a gravitational force! 

NOS Drag Race

For those who like shisha-type flavours, this is another good option to choose from. While I've seen a lot of strawberry, apple and grape shisha vape flavours around, this is the first lychee shisha flavour that I've seen and tried. 

I'm not a fan of shisha flavours but I'll eat lychees any day.

A refreshingly sweet and juicy fruit, lychees have hints of honey and feels dewy fresh. Although this isn't one of my favourite flavours because of that shisha finish, I do like the lychee flavour used here.

NOS Blackforest

The name is a bummer (compared to the other two) but the flavour itself isn't. A combo of blackcurrant and mixed fruits, this is an easy all-day vape, especially if you like flavours that aren't too cold. 

If I were naming this flavour, I might have called it Max Torque or Heel-and-Toe. ;)

Have you tried any of these flavours? Which is your favourite and why? Tell us in the comments!

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