March 08, 2016

When it comes to finding the best vape juices, it can sometimes be a hit-and-miss scenario.

There is something truly magical about holding a new bottle of e-juice and trying to imagine how it will taste.

If the e-juice bottle shows a mouth-watering picture of a blueberry cheese cake, you quickly dig into your memory and try to remember the last time you ate something similar to the picture so you’d know what to expect.

You slowly open the bottle and carefully place a few drops on your atomizer. You press on the fire button and take a long hit and exhale slowly…

Eureka! You smile with a childish grin or nod your head up and down involuntarily. You’ve found it at last! Finally, a flavor that you’d hold on to for a very long time. You grip the bottle tightly as though you’ve struck gold.


Ewwww! Yuck! That didn’t taste like a blueberry cheese cake at all but tasted like a sour jelly bean! ☹ Suddenly, you feel cheated and you put the cap back on and stow the e-juice in a corner, never to be seen again.

What a waste, your expectations just went down the drain.

This experience is way too common for vapers that want to try on a new flavor and they either end up smiling or frowning. Today, we’ll give you the basics on how to get the best vape juices and a higher percentage of smiles rather than frowns on this guide.

Not All Taste Buds are Created Equal.

It is a fact that taste is subjective and what appeals to you might not appeal to others.
That may be true, but as an exception, a bottle of delicious creamy milk e-juice made from high quality materials will ALWAYS be delicious to anyone who vapes it.

Although there are hundreds of variations of the best vape juices, a vaper will always taste the difference if the juice tastes like molten plastic and has a nasty alcohol scent. Imagine vaping on a yummy apple flavor versus a cough-syrup apple flavor. There is a clear line that separates what is generally delicious and what is not.

You might be a new vaper that has tried only a handful of juices for the past few months or an experienced vaper that has tried almost everything; whichever the case, there’s a tendency to go towards a certain flavor group.

The best vape juices are divided into the following groups: Menthol and Mint; Coffee; Fruity; Creamy; Candy; Drinks; Dessert; and Tobacco.

Right off the bat, I know that I love Candy and Tobacco flavors so I choose flavors within those groups. Read the list again and pick what you want even if you are not vaping. If you always munch on fruits, then fruit-flavored juices are your best bet. If you always look forward to after-meal treats, go for the Dessert flavors.

There are vapers that vape solely Fruity flavors and some mix and match flavors on a monthly basis.

Your first e-juice vape kit may have been delivered to you with a free bottle of e-juice. I bet this is tobacco-flavored with a high nic level, right? I recommend throwing this free bottle away as it may cause a newbie vaper to hate vaping as these “kit juices” are usually made from low quality materials that give a harsh and painful throat hit.

Here are some other things to look at when trying to discover the best vape juices:


Always pick e-juice that is made from USP grade materials. Take a quick tour of their website and see if they even mention their laboratory or how they make their juices.

If it does not say where it came from, chances are that it may have been made in someone’s backyard with substandard protocols for cleanliness and safety. I definitely don’t want to vape that!

The best vape juices are consistent in quality and will always taste the same regardless of whether you buy it from your local vape shop or buy through the internet.

One way of spotting these quality juices is from their packaging. These come in glass bottles that have little drippers and have better quality prints of their logos and branding.

When shipped, these juices are in zip lock bags and cute boxes for a more personal touch. They always have detailed information on their website and have a customer service number for your questions.


E-juice has mainly four components. These are: PG, VG, Flavoring and Nicotine.

PG or Propylene Glycol is the component that carries the flavor and throat hit of the e-juice. So a tasty bottle of e-juice may contain a higher percentage of PG. Nicotine and Flavoring usually come into your e-juice bottle as PG.

VG or Vegetable Glycerine produces the vapor of your e-liquid. VG is quite sticky and has a thick consistency and is also used in baking cakes. For vapers that are cloud chasers, they prefer juices that have at least 80% VG in their juice.

These juices produce more cloudy vapor, but has less taste than a 50% PG and 50% VG combination for example. If a vaper is allergic to PG, e-juice can be made entirely without PG with ingredients created from VG based flavoring and nicotine.

Nicotine is the substance that is absorbed by the lungs to simulate the nicotine found in analog cigarettes. A heavy smoker will need to start with higher doses such as 24mg and casual smokers as low as 3mg.

Your past smoking behaviour determines what nicotine strength you need to purchase for you e-juice. A beautiful advantage of vaping is that vapers can wean themselves off nicotine in time. Many vapers are satisfied with vaping zero % nicotine after several months of vaping.

Flavoring gives the juice its character and its unique taste. A bottle of the best e-juice can have as many as 10 different flavors! Imagine it and it can be made.

This is where the vape brewers show their talents as they whip up new and exciting flavors every week. Do you want to add more sweetness your favourite bottle of e-juice? It’s easy, a few drops of DIY sweetener will do the trick. Many vapers tweak their favourite e-juice by adding menthol or sweetener to their bottles.



As you have been vaping for a while now, you may see yourself favoring either vaping with big clouds or looking for more flavor from your device. Consider these following factors to achieve your desired outcome.

For cloud chasing, use an atomizer that has generous air holes to feed massive airflow to your coils. The e-juice PG/VG ratio you use is very important in creating huge clouds that will fog a small room in a few minutes. An e-juice that has 80% VG will produce more vapor than a ratio of 50%PG and 50%VG.

For flavor chasers, the shorter the distance of your coil to your mouth will give you crisper and cleaner flavors as the vapor only needs to travel a short distance to your taste buds. This is why shorter atomizers rule for flavor chasers. There is no need to bigger air holes to improve the flavor, but rather focus on better juice flow for your cotton at all times.

Flavor chasers generally use drip type atomizers rather than tanks. But there are tank atomizers that are almost at par with dripper atomizers of the design specifically for flavor chasers.


As this topic may be more interesting for enthusiast vapers rather than beginners, let’s talk about how your coils and coil temperatures affect taste of different juices.

A sub ohm coil is a coil that is fired below 1 ohm. These coils create more heat and vaporize your juice in a shorter amount of time because the coil heats quicker than a 1.5 ohm coil for example.

As an example, the sweetness of your juice is greatly enhanced by a sub ohm coil fired at a high temperature because it gives off a caramelized version of the sugars on your juice, Yummy!

The hot vapor from your sub ohm device also gives an excellent impression of pastry and bread flavors, just like how your mama bakes them, hot and fresh!

Fruity flavors taste better with a cool 1.5 ohm and above without your vapor almost burning your tongue. Menthol flavors are also best with a low temperature coil to simulate that cool awesome flavor.

So what is the rule on what temperature to vaporize the best vape juices? None. There are no set guidelines on what temperature or ohm ratings that are needed for each juice.

Don’t worry because you can experiment and vary the power you put to your coils to get the best taste. Factors such as device wattage, atomizer type, coil ohms, pg/vg ratio and airflow will give a slight variation to the taste of your juice.


If you can’t get enough of tropical flavors like mango and watermelon, chances are you’ve tasted all the juices from your local vape shops in your area, but may have found that your choices are very limited. But as we talked about in the beginning of this guide, it is sadly either a hit or miss.

A mystery bundle is a game changer!

Some subscription services point you to your soon-to-be favourite juices like a sniper’s laser pointer on a target. You get a monthly supply of juices based on your flavor profile to give your taste buds that much needed break from your usual juice stock.

These folks are gurus on flavor and will even take the extra step in making sure you find your match. All you need to do is take a quick flavor quiz and chose the flavors that you like and cross out the ones you don’t.

Others will provide a fixed set of amazing juices at a lower price point. All you have to do for these types of subscriptions is sign up.

Soon, a nicely packaged box of goodies will arrive at your doorstep and you’ll be amazed at the fact that having the best vape juices will elevate your vaping experience to another level.

It all depends on your preferences and how you perceive what is delicious or not. Follow the steps on this guide and hopefully soon you will be vaping contently on your new found flavor.

Keep in mind that the purpose of finding our sweet spot is to stay vaping and stop smoking, so if you have any specific questions, always ask. A fellow vaper is always ready to help answer your questions.

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