December 21, 2016

One of the highest trending flavours now, Fantasi is a dream for anyone who loves soda-like vape juices. Inspired by the soft drink, Fanta, Fantasi comes in four different variants. 

If you know the beverage, you would probably have guessed at least two of the flavours... yup, you're right! It's grape and orange. Each flavour has two variants -- Ice or no ice, with the Ice variant having a much higher mint level. 

Available in super bright-coloured glass bottles, just looking at the vape juices from Fantasi makes us want to keep vaping them. 

Just look! Don't they look fabulous?

fantasi vape juice

We especially love the glittery effect on the packaging. There are many vape juices that go for a more "street"-styled design and "pretty" bottles can be rare. All the more reason to love this!

Want more information about Fantasi vape juices? Read on! 

Fantasi Grape

Inspired by the beverage, Fanta Grape, this is a grape soda flavour that's just sweet and fizzy enough to be enjoyable. If you've ever tried the drink, and if you're a fan, you will definitely love this vape juice. 

For those who prefer a colder throat hit, this juice also comes with IceJust look for the large Ice label at the bottom before adding it to your cart.


No Ice

Fantasi Orange

The manufacturers behind this e-liquid have made specialisation their aim and they certainly meet expectations! Even their Orange tastes like the Fanta Orange drink. 

Like the Grape, the Orange also comes in two versions -- Ice and without. 

If you're a Fanta fan, you have got to try this range. We personally like cold vape juices so if it were up to us, we would definitely go for the Ice version... but to each his own! :D

Have you tried this vape juice yet? What do you think? Let us know in the comments or leave a review on the product page!

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