July 30, 2017


I have not tried any of the Masterblend flavours prior to this review, so this will be a first impression and a review of the flavours based on my opinion.

From what I understand, Masterblend has produced a series of flavours that have mixed fruit flavour profiles, contains optional nicotine strengths of 0 or 6mg, has a VG/PG ratio of 60/40 and comes in 50ml bottles.

This review will be listed in the order of the flavours I tried and hopefully it will provide you with a rough idea of what to expect from this line of flavours and will encourage you to give it a try.


The first flavour I will be talking about is Junglebee, which has a flavour profile of pomegranate paired with wild berries.

When I first tried this flavour, I thought that the pomegranate taste was not very noticeable as I couldn’t instantly tell that it was pomegranate until I read the label. However, it does have an enjoyable candy type taste which could have been due to the wild berries.

It is also not too sweet and it doesn’t have any coldness to it, which makes this flavour easily acceptable. The cloud production of this flavour was good when I tried it on my dripper and it produced nice and dense clouds.


The next flavour on this list is Verdict, which has a flavour profile of sweet and sour guava. The first impression I had of this flavour was that the guava taste was very strong and noticeable.

It tasted like the actual fruit and had a very authentic and fresh taste as well. It was also very refreshing because the taste was not too overwhelming and only had a mild sweetness to it. I would say that the mild coldness also helped give the flavour a refreshing taste.

Not only that, I was also really impressed with the cloud production that this flavour provided as it produced really large and dense clouds when chain-vaping it.


Third flavour on the list is Greenhut, which has a flavour profile of honeydew fused with mixed berries.

My first thoughts on this was that the honeydew taste was very strong but it did not give off the taste of the authentic and fresh taste of the actual fruit. I also found that the sweetness was a bit too mild and could be considered as not sweet at all.

I normally don’t have any complaints with the flavour not being sweet, but I feel that honeydew flavours are often better when they are slightly sweeter.

The mixed berries did not help in adding sweetness to the flavour as well. Cloud production on the other hand, was good as expected but the clouds were not as dense, possibly due to this flavour being colder compared to the other flavours.


Moving on, the fourth flavour on the list is Superstar, which has a flavour profile of rich blackcurrant. I thought that the blackcurrant was not very noticeable when I first tried it and that you can’t really tell that it’s blackcurrant flavoured unless it’s stated.

However, flavour-wise it is unique from most blackcurrant flavours in the current market and that makes this flavour better in my opinion.

This is because most blackcurrant flavours taste too similar to each other and it just makes blackcurrant flavours boring in general. Which is why this flavour gives a very nice, refreshing and enjoyable take on blackcurrant flavours as it is unique and different.

The sweetness is just right and the mixed berries adds to the flavour whilst complimenting the blackcurrant very well.

The mixed berries also add to the sweetness and the enjoyment of the flavour as well, plus it isn’t cold at all which makes the flavour more acceptable.

Just like the flavours mentioned previously, the cloud production on this flavour is good and the clouds produced are nice and dense.



Next up, we have the fourth flavour of the list, which is Tromix that has a flavour profile of orange mixed with pineapple.

Honestly, when I first tried this flavour, I felt that the orange taste was too strong that it overwhelmed the taste of pineapple which I could barely taste. It actually tasted more like orange mixed with apple rather than pineapple.

Nonetheless, the flavour itself was nice and refreshing as the sweetness was just right along with the coldness.

Even though I couldn’t really taste the pineapple, I could tell that the tastes complimented each other really well because the flavour turned out very pleasant.

I think it it’s rather obvious at this point that the cloud production for most of the flavours won’t really vary from each other as most of them provide good cloud production and dense clouds.


Last but not least, the fifth flavour of this list is Honeymoon which has a strawberry flavour base.

The strawberry taste of this flavour is very strong and easily noticeable. However, the taste of strawberry isn’t very authentic as it doesn’t really resemble the actual fruit and instead has a more artificial strawberry taste to it.

It has more of a juicy strawberry taste that closely resembles strawberry gummy candy. The taste of strawberry is very refreshing and pleasant and the sweetened fruit that is said to be in the flavour adds to the sweetness as well.

The refreshing taste is also partially contributed to by its mild coldness. It also has a slight hint of similarity to the taste you would get if you were to mix strawberries with watermelon.

To sum things up:

I would say that Masterblend has produced a series of wonderful flavours that I would definitely recommend to others and I might even buy a few for myself.

All the flavours on this list tasted good and made me feel that I could just randomly pick one and make it my all-day vape.

If I were to rate this series of flavours out of 10, I would definitely give it a 7 or 7.5/10.

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