March 05, 2016

I’ve started vaping Malaysian vape juices again. For the past few months, I had been vaping juices from the United States (mostly creamy flavors) but lately, have been craving fruity juices, the best of which are made in Malaysia by Malaysian brewers.

I’ve also been watching the anime Shokugeki no Soma and while the show is about cooking, not vaping, it details the methods and techniques behind creating perfectly balanced and extreme emotion-inspiring dishes, which is something that I believe every brewer aims to accomplish with their juices.

Just like there are different kinds of foods, there are also different kinds of vape juice flavors. These can usually be categorized into six main types – creamy, fruity, drinks, dessert, candy, tobacco – where some juices are either any one or a combination of these.

Increasing complexity in Malaysian vape juices

During my search for Malaysian juices, I also discovered that brewers in Malaysia are also producing a lot more creamy and dessert flavors, some of which are comparable to those produced by the US.

There are times when I close my eyes and think about the Strawberry Graham Cracker Cheesecake flavor that I first tasted at a vape expo, or the brilliant Mixed Fruit Blend that I found at a street side vape vendor, and my mouth starts to water.

More and more Malaysian vape juices are starting to contain premium imported flavors, and our brewers are gaining more knowledge of methods and techniques. Our juices are gaining more complexity and the flavors are increasing in robustness.

Malaysian brewers are gaining even more confidence and are experimenting with more unusual flavors, showing even more daring in using and combining flavors that may not taste extraordinary on their own but when used in the right measure, can create a superb flavor blend.

Here are four juices that I’ve tried recently that stand out from the standard available flavors:

Cynara: Strawberry Cheesecake with Real Cheese


Cynara is a strawberry cheese flavor that distinguishes itself from all other cheese-based flavors by actually tasting like cheese.

When it comes to cheese flavors, what we’re looking for is that distinct tartness that’s present in the cheese, which should be balanced out with sugary sweetness added to the cheese itself, as well as the sweetness of the topping.

At this point, Cynara is the only cheese flavor we’ve tasted that actually has all this. Most cheese-flavored Malaysian vape juices only have very, very slight cheese flavors on the exhale (if at all).

On the other hand, Cynara has a full-bodied cheese flavor that hits you right on the inhale and as you hold it in your mouth, the strawberry flavors start to emerge. And this isn’t any old candied strawberry type of flavoring; it actually tastes like delicious strawberry jam or jelly.

It’s not an easy flavor that you’ll fall in love with on first inhale, mainly because it’s so unique; it takes some getting used to. But once your brain makes the connection between the vape juice and actual cheese, no other cheese-based flavor can make the same cut.

I’d recommend Cynara for those who love dessert flavors, especially pastries and cakes. While it may not be everyone’s idea of an all-day vape, it’s superb as a replacement for late-night snacking or midday tea time.

Rootbeer with a hint of cherry

This is a soon-to-be released flavor and is currently still in its research and development stage. But already, it has the makings of yet another unique Malaysian flavor.

While there are tonnes of rootbeer-flavored Malaysian vape juices in the market, there’s yet to be any that are flavored with anything else besides vanilla (rootbeer float). So we’re highly anticipating the actual release of this new flavor that’s poised to be the first cherry-flavored rootbeer flavor in Malaysia.

Besides fruity flavors, we’re aware that Malaysians are fond of drinks flavors – from Funta Grape to coffee-flavored beverage flavors – and although we’ve seen cherry flavors and other drinks flavors, we’ve yet to see a cherry fizzy drink flavor made in Malaysia.

If you know of any others, please let us know! You can drop us a line here.

The current version of the vape juice has a truly fizzy and refreshing rootbeer flavor on the inhale. At the end of the exhale, there’s just a hint of cherry – not the fresh fruit variety but the maraschino or candied cherry type of flavor (which I think is more suitable for a drink flavor anyway).

There are some flavor tweaks that need to be made, which is why the flavor hasn’t been released for general sale yet but we’ll definitely be patiently waiting for the final product.

It’s definitely refreshing enough to be an all-day vape and provides that extra kick that the average fruity flavors may not provide.

We’re super excited to see more interesting takes on rootbeer or fizzy drinks flavors, so if you’re a brewer or if you know of any of these types of flavors, drop us a line.

Octobrew: The Taste of Warm Apple Crumble


Octobrew Apple Crumble is another surprisingly complex flavor made in Malaysia. If you’re a fan of dessert flavors, Octobrew has gotten the flavors of apple crumble down to a T.

A friend recommended it and although skeptical, I decided to try it with an open mind. It was an exceptionally pleasant surprise.

On the inhale there’s a pleasing combination of warm apple mixed with crispy pastry. Then as the vapor fills your mouth, the creamy vanilla essence emerges and spreads across your palate. The afternote is a kind of sweet, spiced biscuity-type flavor that is at once, appetite arousing and taste satisfying.

I’ve tried several apple pie flavors and while some have been quite tasty, none has achieved the level of complexity that Octobrew presents. Even its smell is appetizing (I’ve encountered flavors that were tasty but smelt like marker pen ink)!

Although it’s a dessert flavor, it’s so delightful that I would even consider it an all-day vape. But then again, I’ve always been a dessert junkie and could probably eat desserts in place of meals.

In the past, most of the dessert flavors I’ve vaped have come from the US – I find that they are more well-rounded, balanced and aren’t too sweet – and if I hadn’t been told, I would have thought that Octobrew might be an imported flavor.

It isn’t. It’s made in Malaysia and boy, am I glad. It’s only RM50, which is half the price that US juices are going for.

Are there any other dessert flavors that you especially enjoy? Tell us about it!

AJ Vape Peach Lemon


I don’t usually like flavors with lemon as a base but AJ Vape Peach Lemon is an exception. As it’s name suggests, it’s a fruity flavor that perfectly combines the sweetness of peaches with the tanginess of lemons.

While most other lemon flavors remind me of cleaning detergent, AJ Vape’s Peach Lemon flavor has just the right amount of lemon and is more reminiscent of lemonade. When you add the peachy sweetness to that, what you get is the perfect summer beverage (perfect for Malaysia where it’s always summer).

The tangy lemon flavor hits you first on the inhale and it’s sharp and slightly acidic, as lemons should be, but with a tinge of sweetness that comes from the peach. On the exhale, the peach flavors grow stronger and its strong floral scent infuses through the vapor.

AJ Vape is one of the Malaysian vape juices that has a strong following within Malaysia, and even internationally. Its most popular flavor is its Mango Blackcurrant but its Peach Lemon is the one that truly stands out among all other lemon flavors.

It’s another amazing all-day vape, especially if you’re into refreshing fruity flavors. It’s perfectly steeped and extremely full-flavored. It’s sharp and sour enough for lemon lovers, and is rounded out perfectly with the sweetness of peach.

More Promise for the Vape Industry in Malaysia

In spite of all the “drama” that has been going on in the last few months (since October 2015), I believe that there’s hope for the vape industry in Malaysia.

There are more mature brewers in the market now, who have shown the ability to develop highly complex, unique Malaysian vape juices that have local and international demand.

As the industry grows and gains more prominence on an international platform, there is hope for vaping to become mainstream (rather than a subculture associated with drugs, hooliganism and other negative connotations) and be seen as an effective smoking cessation tool, as well as something that can be savored (like cigars, whisky and fine wines).


At VapeClubMY, we’re super excited to see what else Malaysian brewers can bring to the industry. We’re curious to see how vaping will grow and develop in Malaysia – whether it will continue to stay a trend, or if it will grow into a hobby and a lifestyle activity that isn’t limited to sub-groups.

Do you have any thoughts on vaping and the culture in Malaysia? Let us know!

PS. We’re also looking for writers for our blog. If you like getting vape juices, have lots of opinions about vaping, or just love writing, get in touch!

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