July 26, 2017


Throne Liquids has recently released a new series of interesting flavours that I'm looking forward to give my thoughts on. Throne Liquids has always surprised me with their flavours because most of the time the taste that you get is not what you expect.

If you have previously tried flavours by Throne Liquids, you probably already know that the quality of their flavours are top notch. I feel that this time around, the flavours that they have produced have definitely improved and let's see if you agree with me.

Let's start off this review with my favourite flavour out of the three.

The Bastardhas a flavour profile that's inspired by the alcoholic beverage known asJägermeister, but don't worry as this flavour does not contain any alcoholic content whatsoever.

The first thing that came to mind when I took the first puff of this flavour was that the taste is surprisingly complex.

The thing that really stands out for me is the execution of the Red Bull taste, which is normally extremely sweet and overwhelming.

I find what Throne Liquids has done with the unique taste of Red Bull very impressive; they toned down the sweetness of the taste and took a more mellow and refreshing direction with it.

As someone who is not easily impressed, this is just one of those flavours that I instantly liked the moment I tried it.

The feedback that I have received from people that I recommended this flavour to has been very positive and most of them have told me that they would definitely recommend it to their friends and encourage them to buy it as well.

This flavour is really true to the quote from Game of Thrones, "You know nothing, Jon Snow", because you really won't know unless you give this flavour a try.

The second flavour of the three isThe Mountain, which has a flavour profile of orange paired with vanilla that is actually inspired by the popular smoothie Vanilla Sunrise.

My first thoughts on this flavour was that the taste of tangy orange works well with the rich taste of vanilla in harmony. The slight hint of coldness also adds to the smoothie effect, which makes the flavour more appealing.

My interpretation of this is that the soothing cream taste of vanilla helps balance out the sour and zesty taste of orange so that the flavour gives off a well-balanced taste that is both soothing and refreshing.

I thought that this made the flavour quite ironic and witty as well, sinceThe Mountainis a character in Game of Thrones who is a ferocious warrior whereas this flavour has a more relaxing vibe to it.

Initially I didn't find this flavour very enjoyable as it doesn't really fit my preferences, but as I continued vaping it I found that it eventually grew on me and I began to like it more and more.

I was even more surprised when I received a lot of positive feedback from those that I've recommended this to. Some of them have even told me that this flavour is their favourite out of the three, which was delightful news.

The last flavour on the listThe Kingslayer, which has a flavour profile of ripe and flavourful pineapple.

The pineapple taste that this flavour gives off is very authentic and does taste like the actual fruit. The sweet and tropical taste of pineapple really satisfies your taste buds.

I'm usually not a fan of pineapple flavours because most pineapple flavours don't have the perfect level of sweetness. This flavour is not too overwhelming and not too mild where it dulls down the taste of pineapple.

The Kingslayer has just the right amount of sweetness and produces a smooth and pleasant texture on the inhale whilst giving off a fruity undertone on the exhale.

On top of that, there is the distinctive taste of fresh pineapple that coats the overall taste of the flavour.

(Some people even believe that the reason behind Jaime's arrogant behaviour is because he knows the secret ingredients used to make this flavour.)

Aside from that, it is disappointing that there wasn't any notable feedback from the people I've recommended this to, because most of them were more indecisive between the previous flavours.

I would say that this is mostly because the previous flavours were more unique compared to this one which is why this flavour did not stand out amongst the rest.

Setup Recommendations  

For the flavours mentioned above, I will now recommend some mod and atomizer setups that will bring out the full potential of these flavours.

Starting with The Bastard, I definitely feel that this flavour is best used on a dripper paired with a dual battery 200W mod; any mod above 80W is fine too. The current setup I'm using is:

Panzer DNA 200 

paired with aDruga RDA

In my opinion, any dual coil dripper will work just the same but I prefer the Druga RDA because of its sufficient airflow that makes the vapour smoother on the inhale.

The mod on the other hand, is subjective because I feel that mods using a DNA chip tend to have better firing compared to other mods but tend to be on the pricier side, which might put off some people who feel that spending such a large amount of money on an unnecessary device is not worth it.

However, I can assure you that the quality and the performance of this mod is definitely worth the money. Even though you aren't likely to utilise the full 200W, it is still handy to have that option available in case you're thinking of using lower resistance builds.

I would also like to mention that you don't necessarily have to use the exact same mod I'm using as most DNA mods perform the same, even the ones that are only 70W. I would definitely recommend investing in a DNA mod because the chip itself is very stable and can probably last you a good four years.

As forThe MountainandThe Kingslayer, I feel that these flavours would be more suitable on a tank paired with a single or dual battery mod.

The reason behind this is because I feel that fruits such as oranges and pineapples that are naturally a mix of sweet and sour, generally taste better on tanks.

I also feel that a tank definitely brings out the taste of vanilla inThe Mountain, as creamy flavours are usually better on tanks as compared to drippers. The current setup I'm using is:

Smoant Battlestar


paired with aKylin RTA

The Kylin RTA is a double coil tank with adjustable airflow and a deck that is big enough to fit builds such as dual claptons.

The reason why I'm recommending this tank is because the double coil feature definitely gives off stronger flavour whilst the adjustable airflow gives you the option of using an airflow that best suits your preference and might even enhance the flavour.

However, that does not mean you necessarily have to use this tank as this is just my personal preference and most dual or single coil tanks generally will work just about the same.

As for the mod, any mod that is able to fire at least 80W is desirable regardless of whether it's using single or dual batteries.

I recommend the Smoant Battlestar because I've been using this mod for almost a year and I find that the firing of this mod is a lot better than most of the mods that I've tried up until now.

Not to mention the chip that this mod uses is also very stable and has not shown any signs of failure thus far. For the price that this mod is going for now, it is definitely worth investing in as the quality and the performance it offers is definitely a steal.

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