September 01, 2016

Over the last few months, Nasty Juice bottles have been flying off our shelves. In spite of frequent restocking, we're constantly in fear that our existing stock will run out just as we receive another order for Nasty.

With three different fruity Low Mint flavours, there was already some variety to choose from -- Bad Blood (blackcurrant), Fat Boy (mango) and Devil Teeth (honeydew). And now, there are three new flavours. 

(Curious about the Low Mint flavours? Click here to find out more.)

Since the release of the new flavours in the Double Fruity series -- Wicked Haze (blackcurrant lemonade), Asap Grape (grape & mixed berries) and Slow Blow (pineapple lemonade) -- there's been an increased demand for brews by Nasty Juice. 

Like the Low Mint flavours, these three new "double fruity" e-juices aren't overly cold and have a PG/VG ratio of 30/70. This means that while the flavours are slightly lighter and generally don't have a full mouth feel, they produce heaps of clouds! 

Asap Grape (Purple)

Nasty Juice Asap Grape (Purple)

It comes in its distinct purple packaging -- Asap Grape is a grape and mixed berry flavour that is reminiscent of Mystree, without the coolness or strong flavouring. This is a rather light flavour due to the high VG content. 

For cloud chasers and those who prefer their vapour with just a hint of flavour, this is a pretty tasty and refreshing e-liquid. 

A little background on its name: asap in the Malay language means "smoke" or "vapour". So the flavour name literally means "grape vapour". And grape is definitely the centrepiece of this e-juice. 

The mixed berries complement the sweet-sourness of the grape perfectly, providing an extra lift to the heaviness of the grape. It's a delightful flavour for all-day vaping. 

Wicked Haze (Pink)

I'll be the first to admit that blackcurrant e-liquids are one of my go-to flavours. They're easy to vape for long periods and can be super refreshing after vaping heavy creamy vape flavours. 

Sometimes known as Nasty Juice Pink, Wicked Haze is a blackcurrant lemonade flavour that's super delicious for hot day vaping. 

Blackcurrant flavours are usually super sweet and require some koolada to lift the heaviness. Instead of taking the usual route of being super cold, Wicked Haze uses lemonade flavours to cut through the sweet heaviness of the blackcurrant. 

Another delightful flavour from the Nasty crowd! 

Slow Blow (Blue)

The perfect vape flavour for vaping on a hot day, sometimes known as Nasty Juice Blue, Slow Blow is a pineapple lemonade flavour that's sure to tantalise your tastebuds.

It's a doubly refreshing flavour that's perfect for hot weather vaping! 

Want to order Nasty Juice flavours but don't know which one to start with? Get a bundle! 




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