April 04, 2016

The variety of vape juices in Malaysia is vast and there are vape juices to suit any and all taste profiles. If you like fruity flavours, there’s AJ Vape, Fcukin Flava, Half n Half and heaps more besides.

Prefer creamy flavours? You’ve got Creamy Suckerz, Kauffman, Cynara, Octobrew… the list goes on! While there are fewer vapers with a hunger for tobacco flavoured juices, even those are available in plenteous amounts.

Cold Vape Juices in Malaysia

Vapers all over the world have different preferences and one juice type that’s preferred mainly by Malaysians are cold vape juices. Sometimes we like them so cold that they give us brain freeze. If you’re a Malaysian vaper with a penchant for cold, cold vape juices, you’re probably nodding as you read this.

Cold vape juices are deliciously sweet and totally refreshing, the perfect all-day vape for our hot tropical weather.

Even when it comes to one type of juice, there’s a whole bunch to discover — some are awesome, some not so much. Here at VapeClubMY, we have some of our all-time favourites and we’re going to share them with you.

AJ Vape

There are four amazing flavours to choose from — Mango Blackcurrant, Peach Lemon, Triple 222 and Double Apple — and all of them will take your brain to the North Pole.

The Mango Blackcurrant tops the list as one of our hands-down favourite vape juice in any category (except when compared to creamy juices, I suppose). It has a strong ripe mango flavour, the kind of mango that bursts sweet, flavourful juice when you bite into it. Imagine eating that sort of mango when it’s fresh out of the fridge.

Peach Lemon is a gorgeous drink-like flavour that again, blends so amazingly well with the coolness of the juice. It’s sweet and tart in the right measure, a perfect lemonade and peach tea combination.

Another amazing flavour for any hot day (ie. every day in Malaysia) is Triple 222 — an extremely well-blended mixed fruit flavour. Take of the cap and take in the aroma; you’ll catch a light whiff of berries, light enough for it to feel like actual berries. The inhale is a delicious mix of fruits and as you draw it in, the flavour opens up releases layers of juicy, cold blackcurrant, strawberries and raspberries.

Last but not least, the Double Apple — a simple and refreshing red apple flavour. Good red apple flavours are hard to come by; many apply flavours either use green apple as the base or can’t seem to get the red apple flavour to come out enough. Like all its other flavours, AJ Vape’s Double Apple doesn’t disappoint and the red apple flavour gets even stronger on the exhale.


I’m vaping this flavour as I write and am thankful that it’s the flavour I chose to drip on this extremely hot day. It wasn’t love at first inhale for me but this Strawberry Apple flavour grows on you.

The inhale is sweet and crisp apple with the hint of strawberry and is like drinking chilled boxed juice, slurping it up with a straw. The flavour only increases on the exhale and expands so that the apple becomes juicier, the strawberries even sweeter.

It’s one of my current favourite all-day vapes.

Kryptic & Mystree

Kryptic is a strawberry mixed fruit blend that’s definitely a local favourite and if you’re not careful, can also give you brain freeze. The inhale is a blend of fruits and it’s so balanced and gloriously delicious that you’ll want to keep vaping it.

Yet another favourite produced by the same brewer as Kryptic, Mystree is another vape juice that is always running low in stock. In this Malaysian hot weather, it’s no surprise that vapers are looking for delicious vape juices that are all-day vape delicious.

It’s described as a rich blackcurrant cream blend and while there is a slight creaminess, it’s more fruity fresh than creamy and it’s a juice that’s hard to get sick of.

Grandeur Real Root Beer

One of the best root beer flavours in Malaysia, it’s the one that cold flavour fans gravitate towards when choosing vape juices flavours. There’s nothing more refreshing than drinking a cold, sparkly and sweet beverage on a hot day.

While other root beer flavours are normally floats, Grandeur’s is a straight up root beer and that makes it even more addictive. It doesn’t have the same creamy aftertaste that root beer float flavours have, that can make you feel jelak*

* a Malay word that means bored, specifically used for food


Colder than any of the other cold flavours that we’ve tried is Madhouz. The two flavours — Crest and Shiver — are flavours that’ll make you go mad… for more.

Shiver is a peach, wintermelon and dried plum flavour that’s cold, sweet, sour and delicious in an totally addictive way.

The sweetness is just right, without being overpowering and the sourness from the dried plum makes you want more and more of the flavour. Each inhale is at once a surprise and yet maintains its delicious familiarity.

Crest maintains a sour plum base but replaces the peach and winter melon with pomegranate and guava. Of the two, this one is one of our all-time favourites.

The inhale is sweet and sour at the same time. As the flavour blooms in your mouth, deeper flavours of pomegranate and guava emerge and flood your palate. The exhale is a cooling sour plum. Delicious and addictive!

What do you think?

Have you tried and or all of the vape juices on this list? Do you agree with us? Agree or disagree, hit us up in the comments!

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