July 05, 2017


Blackcurrant is one of the most versatile flavours in the market right now. It mixes well with most flavours such as mango, strawberry, and the list goes on.

So, I’m sure you’re wondering what is the best blackcurrant flavour. This list will cover some of the popular local blackcurrant flavours in the market and my opinions on the flavours.

This is solely based on my personal preferences and vaping experience so even if I have a negative opinion of a specific flavour, don’t hesitate to give it a try because different people have different preferences and who knows if you might like a flavour that I don’t. 

Without further ado, on to the reviews!

Mango Most Mango Blackcurrant

First on the list is Mango Most Mango Blackcurrant which has a PG/VG ratio of 50/50 and comes in a 55ml bottle.

A rough description of the flavour profile would be a sweet ripe mango mixed with the sweet earthy taste of blackcurrant and a slight hint of coolness from the menthol.

To be honest, this flavour is considerably good but I’m afraid that the market is slowly catching up and more mango blackcurrant juices are beginning to taste like one another; same goes for this one.

If I were to compare this flavour to another, I would say that this flavour tastes rather like AJ Vape Mango Blackcurrant. However, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t give this flavour a try because there are some aspects of flavours that can’t be described in words and can only be experienced by trying it yourself.

Cloud Niners Blackcurrant

Next on the list is Cloud Niners Blackcurrant which has a PG/VG ratio of 30/70 and comes in a 55ml bottle.

This flavour is a nice throwback for vape veterans as it has been around for quite a long time now. The way I would describe this flavour is that it has the sweet acidic taste of blackcurrant which is very common now in the market so its generic taste might turn away some people.

To me, this flavour is more suitable as a performance booster for cloud chasing as it contains 70% VG and it’s not cold at all. This makes it easier to chain vape, which is essential when cloud chasing.

So, if you’re a cloud chaser who is looking for a blackcurrant flavour to ramp up your cloud production, then do give this flavour a try.

Nasty Juice Bad Blood

Moving on, we have Bad Blood by Nasty Juice which has a PG/VG ratio of 30/70 and comes in a 50ml bottle.

I am personally a fan of most of the flavours produced by Nasty Juice so naturally I thought that I would enjoy this flavour as well.

However, I was quite disappointed when I first tried it because even though it is supposed to be a blackcurrant flavour, it failed in bringing out the distinctive taste of blackcurrant.

The flavour honestly tasted bland which is rare for Nasty Juice because most of their flavours are usually stronger. Although the quality of the juice itself was top notch, the taste was a bit off putting because I couldn’t really make out what fruit it tasted like.

Nonetheless, I would still suggest giving it a try because maybe it is just my own preference or maybe it's just me who can’t properly taste the flavour.

Juice-It Black-It

Continuing, we have Black-It by Juice-It which has a PG/VG ratio of 30/70 and comes in a 55ml bottle. Black-It is a very simple and basic blackcurrant flavour.

It has the distinctive taste of blackcurrant, but it feels a bit lacking. If I were to describe the taste, it has a mild but sweet taste of blackcurrant with a hint of sourness to it.

The mild flavour does help with chain vaping and practicing tricks because you won’t get too easily bored, although it is a bit cold.

It is also a suitable flavour for cloud chasing as it has 70% VG and when I was vaping it on my dripper, there was a noticeable boost in cloud production.

So, do give this flavour a try because even though it might not be an all-day vape, it is a good performance booster for cloud chasing.

Again, I would like to mention that this is solely based on my own personal preference so whatever I have mentioned about the flavours on the list is subjective, which is why I recommend that all of you should give these flavours a try because you never know if one of these could potentially be your next all-day vape.

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