April 06, 2016

Reduce risk of secondhand smoke when you switch to vaping

The history of smoking can be traced back to as early as 5000 BC in and was usually used in shamanistic rituals or for medical purposes. It was certainly not the daily habit that it has become today.

To prep it for smoking, the green, leafy tobacco plant that usually grows in warm climates, is dried and ground up. When Christopher Columbus discovered smoking, he brought it back to Europe and tobacco was cultivated there for the first time in 1531.



Tobacco fields in Cuba.

Cigarettes were soon developed and since then, tobacco has become one of the most addictive substances known to man, more addictive than most drugs, gambling, alcohol and any other type of addiction.

A lot of family and health issues have been raised with regards to smoking, with governments from around the world funding organisations and campaigns to lessen the global effects of smoking on health and the economy.

In countries where healthcare is government-funded, health issues due to smoking can incur a greater cost. There are also costs attached to the social and environmental detriment caused by cigarette smoking.

Some of the actions that have been taken against smoking include restriction of smoking in selected public areas, as well as increased tax on cigarette manufacturing and distribution. The main purpose of these campaigns and actions are to reduce the use of cigarettes and smoking.

What if there was a better way to quit smoking?

Several years ago, the world was introduced to a controversial innovation that was said to be able to lessen the harm related to cigarette smoking. This innovation was the electronic cigarette and is what we now refer to as a personal vaporiser or vape.

The battery operated device is used to inhale doses of nicotine through a vaporized solution. This is called vaping.

The device is designed to mimic smoking a tobacco cigarette. Some are incorporated with a light at the tip, which even glows just like conventional tobacco cigarette when the user sucks on the device.

Recently, there have been many objections and negative feedback about using vape as a method of minimising the harmful effects of smoking on human health. However, many tobacco smokers found it less harmful when they switched to vaping.

Want to switch to vaping but don’t know where to start? Read this article.

Switch to vaping to stay alive

Many scientific studies and research have been conducted to prove the helpful effect of e-cigarettes to chain smokers. One of these studies shows that secondhand vapor contains less nicotine compared to sticks of cigarettes. It also has no combustion-related toxins present in vapor.

Nicotine is one of the 4000 chemicals in cigarette. It is also the same chemical that makes tobacco addictive.

Nicotine is a stimulant. When it reaches the bloodstream, it sends signals to the brain and speeds up the nervous system. It raises blood pressure and increases heartbeat, making you feel like you have more energy.

Since it has a small dosage present in electronic cigarette, the effect is lesser compared to traditional cigarettes.

Another study was presented during the annual congress of the European Association of Cardiovascular Imaging in Turkey saying that electronic cigarettes do not stiffen the arteries.

It is known that one of the effects of smoking is the stiffening of blood vessels. It is important that the blood vessels should be elastic in order to have a proper delivery of blood from the heart to the vital organs.

The study was conducted by comparing an electronic cigarette to two tobacco cigarettes. Two tobacco cigarettes stiffen the aorta while the electronic cigarette makes no difference to the aorta and does not stiffen the arteries.

This experiment held very significant result as aortic elasticity in an early prediction of possible cardiovascular issues in the future.

As we all know, traditional smoking can lower the ability of the coronary arteries to deliver blood to the heart. There was a study conducted in a cardiac surgical center in Turkey to test whether the electronic cigarette, has the same effects as traditional cigarette. The participants were thirty tobacco cigarette users and thirty electronic cigarette users.

The duration and usage of both cigarettes were measured and the result is impressive. The participants who used tobacco cigarettes were observed to have a 16% of reduction in maximal coronary blood flow and a 19% elevation in resistance to flow.

These numbers mean that a sudden effect on the blood flow and with habitual usage of this substance will increase the possibility of difficulty of the blood to flow properly. On the other hand, the electronic cigarette users were found, no difference or effects on the oxygenation of the heart.

Therefore, this strongly suggests that electronic cigarettes are far way less harmful compared to traditional cigarettes.

Want to quit smoking? Switch to vaping.

What’s distinctive about the vape devices that are currently in use are its flavoured e-liquids. Available in a wide range of flavours, there’s something for every taste preference. Some are sweet and fruity, others are creamy or desert-like, while there are even some that are tobacco-flavoured.

It has been said that vaping can help smokers to successfully quit smoking. A study published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health about the use of different flavours of e-liquid as an aid for smokers to give up traditional cigarettes showed that about 90% of users quit smoking via the vaping route.

The study contained information about vaper behaviour, including the types of vape juice flavours preferred for use, how often they changed flavours and which ones were the most appealing.



Research comparing smoking to vaping indicates that vaping has a much lower amount of detrimental health effects compared to smoking.

Of the 10% of smokers who didn’t quit smoking after they started vaping, there was a decrease in cigarette consumption from 20 sticks per day to only four per day.

In the study on which flavour users preferred, about 70% said that they preferred fruit and sweet flavours while 30% used tobacco flavours. Most vapers said that having access to different e-liquid flavours helped them quit or stop smoking.

Therefore, in this study, flavoured e-liquids play a very important role for smokers to help reduce their consumption to the point of successfully giving up the habit.

The health benefits of quitting smoking

Scientists say that someone who quits smoking can have a clean lung within as early as a month. For those who quit smoking before they reach 40, they can expect a have a healthy life that’s comparable to someone who has never smoked.

In a survey conducted with randomly selected smokers, the majority of the participants responded that they were in doubt about using electronic cigarettes until they began using it.

After a month of usage, they consulted their doctor and were impressed with how much their health condition had improved. About 91 percent of smokers that switched to electronic cigarettes tend to have improved health. Some doctors prescribe using of electronic cigarettes as an aid to quit smoking and stay healthy.

Switch to vaping to protect the people you love

Smoking doesn’t just harm the person using it. It also hurts those who are exposed to the smoke from the cigarettes.

Secondhand smoke affects non-smokers the same way it affects those who smoke. Exposed individuals take in the same amount of harmful chemicals that a smoker inhales.

The chemicals are linked to adult cancer of the larynx or voice box, pharynx or throat, nasal sinuses, brain, rectum, bladder, breast, stomach, and in children can cause lymphoma, leukemia, liver cancer and even brain tumour.



Switch to vaping to protect those you love.

Smoke from cigarettes can also trigger asthma attacks, worse asthma symptoms, and trigger asthma in kids who never had asthma before. Some of the effects of secondhand smoke may look like a small issue, but think about the expenses incurred from visits to the doctor, medicines, absence at school and work, and the discomfort that the child goes through.

A group of French scientists conducted a study to test if the smoke released from electronic cigarettes had the same effect as those from traditional cigarettes. The scientists found that vapour from electronic cigarettes dissipated within an average of 11 seconds, which is very small compared to traditional cigarette smoke, which lingers for an average of about 20 minutes.

This creates more opportunities for non-smokers to be exposed to the chemicals from tobacco combustion. On the other hand, vapour from electronic cigarettes has no significant risk to those who have been exposed to it.

Another plus point is that vapour from e-cigs smell a lot better compared to traditional cigarette smoke.

These are just a handful of studies that have been conducted to ascertain the effectiveness of e-cigarettes as an alternative to conventional cigarettes. At this time, despite the many benefits that electronic cigarettes can offer, some people still have doubts about its capabilities and medical implications.

For users who have experienced the great benefits of electronic cigarettes, they are living proof of how great this innovation is and why haters should switch to vaping.

There will definitely be more studies conducted to increase our knowledge about what more electronic cigarettes can offer.

As more information is released, more people will understand and accept how great electronic cigarettes are as an aid for smoking cessation.

Smokers who love and care for their family should take the time to look through the research and consider switching vaping as a stepping stone to quit smoking.

It may be a very difficult process for those who have been smoking for a long time, but with strong dedication, passion, perseverance and discipline, nothing is impossible for those who want a change in their lives and their families.

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