December 31, 2017

There are cloud chasers and then there are flavour chasers. If getting the most out of your favourite vape juice flavours is your goal, read this article now.

With nearly 9 million Americans reportedly vaping, more smokers are choosing alternatives to cigarettes than ever. Whether it's because of the vapour flavours available or because of the less severe effect on smokers' lungs, there are a lot of reasons to choose to vape.

For some new vapers, the fun of creating huge vapour clouds is one of the most pleasurable parts of vaping. But for others, it's the flavour that they seek.

If you're looking to get the most out of your e-juice flavours, you've got a lot of options. Here are 10 ways to improve your vape juice flavours.

1. Change Your Wattage and Temperature

Just like any reaction between heat and flavour, temperature affects how things taste. The elements of your juice may taste richer at one temperature and sweeter at another.

The setting that determines the heat of your coil will determine the kind of flavour you get. Flavour chasers prefer variable wattage/voltage devices over simpler devices.

Every liquid has a different optimal temperature. While some taste great at 20W, others will taste better at 30W. At the end of the day, it's your device and coil temperature that makes the biggest difference.

Start off low and then bring it up little by little to find the right temperature.

2. Avoid Vaper's Tongue

Your biggest hurdle to getting the most from your flavour could be your own tongue. Your tongue can become fatigued after spending too long tasting the same flavour.

Make sure you're trying different flavours and drinking plenty of water to keep your taste buds in shape. If you've worn out your tongue, there's no way you're going to get the most out of your vape juice flavours.

If your tongue is feeling fatigued try sucking on a lemon or taking a whiff of fresh coffee beans to reset your palate. Mix it up and just be sure that you're giving yourself enough time between hits for the best flavour.

3. Proper E-Juice Storage

Your e-Juice itself could be limiting your ability to get the most out of your vape flavours. Poor storage of e-liquids can lead to degradation of flavour.

Be sure you're keeping it in a cool and dry place. Like a fine wine, higher quality juices taste better with age (within limits). Flavour notes can expand over time.

Minimise the amount of open air and heat that your e-liquids have contact with. Try different ways of storing your e-liquid to improve the flavour.

4. Limit Airflow

Airflow is the greatest ally of cloud chasers who love to release big plumes. When there's lots of airflow moving between your coil, vapour can create giant clouds. This takes away a lot of your flavour though.

Flavor chasers need to put a stop to the airflow. Dense and warm vaping carries a lot more flavour. If you have an adjustable airflow system, you'll find you're able to change your flavour greatly.

Vapour can become too hot to enjoy if you close off your airflow, so experiment with different settings.

The size of your bore can change things. The width of your vapour chamber will affect flavour as well. For the best vapour flavours, try narrower airflow but make sure the temperature is still palatable.

5. Get A Good Atomiser

Your atomiser plays a significant role in the amount of flavour you get from your e-cigarette.

Top-coil types of e-cigarettes that have the atomiser at the top. This means that flavour is reliant on the wick and you may not end up getting a strong flavour.

Bottom-coil atomisers are much better for flavour. Less pressure is on the wick to get the flavour all the way up to the top.

You should also make sure you've got a good performing tank. Some tanks help boost flavour production.

The most important is your atomiser head. Larger coils mean more airflow. Choose a tank with a small bore coil.

If you're a serious flavour chaser, rebuildable atomisers offer the best experience. For vapers comfortable building their own coils, this is the way to go. There are levels of customisation that with vaping that you won't be able to get with anything right off the shelf.

For technical vapers, different coils can maximise flavour. Serious flavour chasers might want to try this approach.

6. Below-coil Airflow

The airflow holes are so important for the best vapour flavours. Airholes on the sides of your coil are an okay layout but it's better they're placed at the bottom.

Airflow underneath your coils opens up a direct path for the flavour to move up the mouthpiece. If you're shopping for a dripping atomiser, pay attention to where your airflow holes are.

Under-coil airflow is the way to get the most out of your vapor flavors. Try a few different coils to figure out what works for you. This could be the factor that makes the biggest difference in getting the most flavour out of your e-juices.

7. Get a Narrow-bore Drip Tip

Believe it or not, your drip tip has a big influence on your flavour. Modern atomisers and tanks use larger bore drip-tips. But this will only lead to airier vapes, cool vapours, and cloud production.

If you're shopping for a new tank or atomiser, find one that will take a narrower tip. This is the best way to get the most flavour from your new atomiser.

Thinner drips tend to produce the best flavour.

8. Keep Everything Clean

Just as you would wash your milk glass before you poured a beer into it, smokers who care about flavour should keep their system clean. Every time you change your vape juice, you might want to rinse your wick, coils, and tanks.

Juices always taste the best when they're vaped from a clean system.

Disassemble your clearomiser, rinse everything in warm water and make sure that it all has time to dry.

If you have a backup head, use that while the other is drying.

Systems with rebuildable atomisers allow for easy wick changes. After you remove the old wick, fire the coil to dry it all out. Once it cools, insert your new wick and get your vape on.

9. Choose quality materials

Your wicking material will make a huge difference in the kind of flavour that you end up with. Wicks made of silica tend to mute the flavour, even though they're common in e-cigarettes. Cotton has become the number one wick of choice for vapers.

Japanese cotton comes in an organic option and is now widely recommended. It comes in square sheets and you can find it as a standard for many atomiser coils. You'll find you get a clean flavour from your e-liquid and it wicks better than most other materials.

"Cotton bacon" aka cellucotton is a newly popular option. Some smokers are also using ceramic wicks. They resist heat and last a long time.

Try out different options to figure out what works for your style of vaping.

Also, check out different wire options. Kanthal is a great coil material and will lead to a natural flavour that tastes clean.

If you continue to experiment with temperature control, you'll find your vape flavours will open up a great deal. You'll notice a robustness to the flavour that you never tasted before.

So long as you avoid materials like nickel, you'll have better flavours. However, some metals will give you a metallic taste and ruin your vaping experience.

10. Use High PG Juices

The PG/VG ratio of your juices has a big effect on flavour. Most vapers will develop some preference one way or another over time. Cloud chasers will look for high VG because of the big clouds they'll end up with.

High VG juices aren't ideal for flavour chasers however.

High VG juice is semi-tasteless but with a hint of sweetness. It has trouble carrying the flavour the way that PG does. This is why you'll find better flavours mixed with PG.

Choosing a juice that's high in PG yields the move flavour but can make the throat hit a little bit harsher. Be careful when smoking higher PG flavours.

Your ideal should be a ratio of half and half. You'll end up with the best flavour while also getting a mild throat hit. For better flavor, try 50-60% PG.

Again, experiment with what tastes good and vapes the smoothest for you. Every vaper is different. The only thing that matters is what tastes best to you.

Everyone Has Their Own Favorite Type of E-Juice Flavours

Once you find flavours and brands that work for you, stick with it. There are so many temperature control and wicking options to choose from, you're sure to find a system that works well for your vaping style.

If you're still trying to figure out what kind of vape juice is best for your flavour preference, contact us for more information.

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