December 15, 2017

As 2017 comes to a close, our resident vape writer VIOLET YUEN shares some of the best vape juices to try in 2018.

With less than 20 days left till the 31st of December, 2017 is almost over and so much has happened worldwide!

Donald Trump was inaugurated as President of the United States. Scientists discover the fossilised traces of a creature that looks to be the oldest-known ancestor of all vertebrates, including humans. More governments around the world are starting to recognise vaping as a better alternative to smoking. 

This is amazing news for us vapers. As ex-smokers, we know the struggle to quit smoking is real. Vaping has been a literal life-saver for a lot of us. 

Besides helping me to quit smoking, I've also come to appreciate that there are so many flavours available. From refreshing fruity vape juices to comforting caramel e-liquids, there's a whole world of flavour out there. (Have you tried savoury flavours like burger or pizza? Pretty weird until you get used to it!)

While there are vapers who might like to stick to their favourites, I'm the type to seek out new vape juices and explore different flavour combinations. If you're like me, high five!

And if you haven't already tried these e-juices, put them on your list in 2018!

NOS G-Force

Although there have been many copies in the last few months, NOS was the first brand to come up with their distinct packaging modeled after the nitrous oxide system used in cars. 

NOS G-Force is two of my favourite flavours¬†‚Äď blackcurrant and grape ‚Äď combined¬†to create a deliciously refreshing mix. I also like the fact that there's a hint of koolada that gives it that bit of coolness, without being too cold.¬†

I'll admit that this flavour is on the list partly because of its cool packaging. It's the first of its kind that I've seen. Kudos to the brand owners for their cool idea! 

I'm looking forward to seeing even more new brands with creative packaging in 2018! 

Throne - The Mad Queen

Yes, I'm a fan of fruity flavours and Throne - The Mad Queen one of the most complex fruity flavours I've tasted this year.

(Strictly speaking, it's not exactly a fruit flavour because its flavour profile is more of a shisha blend. But I suppose it has enough of a fruity note to be classified a fruity flavour.)

This flavour has seen huge popularity in the Middle East and I believe it's a juice that you have to try if you love shisha. Fans say that it tastes exactly like Al-Fakher's Double Apple shisha. 

With its layers of flavours, each with its own distinct note, this e-liquid is truly a delight for flavour chasers. Vape it on different tanks, at different settings and different flavour notes emerge!  

Thirsty Juice - Yoghurt Drink

This was one of the flavours I chain vaped in 2017. I normally don't like yoghurt flavours but Thirsty Juice's Yoghurt Drink was one e-liquid that I couldn't get enough of.

Even as I'm typing this article out, I find myself thinking about the slightly sweet, slightly sour, light milky flavour of this vape juice. 

A relatively newcomer in the vape scene, Thirsty Juice currently has five juices in their line-up. Like many Malaysian vape juices, it seems to have a high sucralose content, which means that it will gunk your coils. 

But was it worth it? I'd say that it is. 

I'll change three times a day if it means that I get to taste more of this gorgeous flavour! 

Matt Cool Dragonfly

Many apple vape juices tend to have red apple as their flavour base but Matt Cool Dragonfly uses green apple instead. I love flavours that have some sourness to cut through the sweet flavours. It's so much more refreshing and makes it an easier all-day vape. 

While I do enjoy vaping e-juice with a strong throat hit (especially if it's a creamy flavour), I also appreciate vape juices that lack that strong throat hit. And Matt Cool Dragonfly is one of those vape juices that has zero throat hit. 

If you're not into apple flavours, definitely check out their other fruit flavours as well. Look for the iconic gangster monkey on their box! 

In terms of packaging, for me it's a toss-up between Greedy Grapes and Sexy Berry. Pink and purple, gotta love those colours! ūüėܬ†

Horny Pomberry

Horny Mango is the most famous in the Horny Flava vape juice line-up but there are other juices in the range that stand out as well. 

In 2018, instead of going for the familiar Mango, give Horny Pomberry a try. If you've read any of my other articles, you'll know that I'm a huge fan of strawberry flavours and this e-liquid is a nice spin on strawberry. 

It's a unique blend of pomegranate and strawberry, mixed to perfection and filled into a pretty pink, purple and blue bottle. 

If you haven't tried this flavour yet, if you love fruity flavours, if you love strawberry, definitely add this to your 2018 list of vape juices to try!

Bangsawan Mango Grape

If you've been vaping for quite some time, you probably know about AJ Vape Mango Blackcurrant. With demand for it growing worldwide, it's certainly one of the popular vape juice flavours. 

But if you're looking for a mango mix, give Bangsawan Mango Grape a shot. Although they have creamy flavours, Bangsawan's specialty is its mixed fruit vape juices. 

Many vape juices these days feature a 70% VG mix, but Bangsawan has stuck to a 50/50 ratio, which means that their e-liquids are much more flavoursome. It's also a better option if you're living in colder weather. (VG tends to thicken even more in colder temperatures and you'll end up with burnt coils more often.)

Cloudy Heaven Space Mango

Judging by how popular Nasty Juice Cush Man is (it's constantly sold out on the VC store!), mango flavours are truly one of the favourites when it comes to fruity vape juices. 

For those who love single fruity flavours, especially mango flavours, Cloudy Heaven Space Mango is a good option to try. It's one of the mango flavours that I fell in love with from the start. 

(Of course, taste is subjective, so don't just take my word for it. I'll have to admit that Nasty Juice Cush Man is not one of my favourites.) 

What I really like about this particular mango e-liquid is that it doesn't have an overpowering sweetness that's all too common in many mango flavours. This vape juice has a hint of unripe mango that really uplifts the flavour.

What vape juices are you looking to try in 2018?

Are there any e-liquids you're already on the lookout for? Where are you planning to take your vaping journey in 2018? 

If you try any of the juices on this list, let me know how it goes! 

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