December 25, 2017

Vape clothing can be your favourite juice supplier's t-shirt and cap. But it can also be a new line of vape fashion where form meets function.

What do you think of when you think of "vape clothing"?

If the first thing that comes to mind is the branded shirt they sell at your favourite vape company, you're not wrong. Repping the merchandise of a company you love is a great way to support the business while also showing off your own personal style.

However, vape clothing has come a long way since the simple branded t-shirt.

Many new lines of vape clothing are inspired by classic urban streetwear trends. These modern looks will keep you at the cutting edge of style, with both the statement-making looks and the practicality that true vape enthusiasts need.

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What is Vape Clothing?

You might be wondering just what we mean when we say "vape clothing."

This is actually a new wave of urban fashion that falls right in line with the streetwear trends we all know and love.

The History of Streetwear

Streetwear hails from the California culture of surfing and skateboarding.

This fashion movement is generally considered to have started in Los Angeles in the 1970s and 1980s.

One of the most famous streetwear companies, Stussy, began when a surfboard designer named Shawn Stussy started printing his trademark signature on t-shirts, not just surfboards.

There is a local, hip, DIY element to streetwear style, too. Stussy started selling the shirts from his car before he could get the items into local shops.

Many young, new companies start with streetwear, because it's simple yet statement-making. An edgy, branded t-shirt is often the first item in the line, but it doesn't stop there.

Streetwear can combine everything from high fashion to hip-hop. The difference is that it's usually both affordable and unique.

It gives the look of high-end fashion, with high-quality items that are hard to find elsewhere – without the high price tags. Streetwear lets people become part of an exclusive fashion club without having to spend a lot of money.

This type of fashion also incorporates function, not just aesthetics. Skaters and surfers needed to be able to move and be comfortable while looking good. And urban youth who are out and about all day don't want to be restricted by uncomfortable fashion choices.

The Vape Look

Sneakers, baseball caps, t-shirts, and hoodies all fall under the classic streetwear category.

These items are unique, exclusive, high-quality, affordable, and in keeping with the tradition of streetwear. They're also comfortable – perfect for the modern on-the-go vaper who needs both comfort and style to get through the day.

It's easy to see how vape clothing falls under the streetwear category. The only difference is that instead of surf and skate companies branding clothing items, it's vape companies.

Although it's a healthier alternative to cigarettes, vaping has long been seen as "edgy." This is why vape trends are seen as a part of the streetwear look.

The surf and skate cultures of the '70s and '80s were healthy, fun, and harmless – yet the outside world saw these choices as scandalous instead.

The joy of the lifestyle combined with the stigma from the outside world brought people in those lifestyles closer together. They started to share not just activities, but clothing trends that marked them as part of the club.

Wear Your Heart on Your Sleeve (or Hat...)

Just like with surfing and skating, vaping isn't just a habit – it's a lifestyle. People who vape feel strongly about the decision. It allows you to care for your health while displaying personality with the brand and type of device or e-liquid that you choose.

The challenges of quitting smoking can bring people closer together too, so much that they may even start to share fashion trends. This lifestyle lends itself well to a certain look. You see tattoos on many vapers because personal expression is highly valued in this community.

You'll also see vape clothing trends that are comfortable, functional, and stylish, all while making a statement.

What are some of the most common items you'll see in vape streetwear?


Jeans have a classic, workwear-inspired vibe that makes them the perfect choice for someone who's on the move a lot.

They're durable enough to last a long time and protect you on any urban adventure. And, thanks to many different cuts, your jeans can make a statement about you.

Jeans are even easy to update for even more personalisation. From adding decorative patches to turning winter jeans into summer cutoffs, there's a lot you can do with simple denim.


Hats offer both form and function to the vape community.

A hat can sport a brand or logo that makes a statement. But it also keeps the sun and rain out of your eyes, making an outdoor vape session that much easier no matter where you are.


This most classic of streetwear items is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to express yourself. A favourite brand name or logo on a t-shirt immediately identifies your interests.

Streetwear trends mandate that you can't wear just any t-shirt, though. It should be unique and show personality. A limited-run vape shirt is the perfect choice.


Not only does a hoodie offer yet another way to display your favourite vape brands, but it's also an essential layering item.

The hoodie has been a streetwear staple for years. It offers not just style, but warmth, and it's easy to put on and take off as you transition between locations. Plus, having a logo on the back means that your style is visible from all sides.

The Latest Vape Clothing Trends

What's the latest in vape clothing? Here are a few of the essential trends you should know about.

1. The Humourous T-Shirt

Witty, funny sayings have long been a part of streetwear style. Vape t-shirts are no exception.

A great way to show your vape style is a shirt that has a creative, interesting, or funny statement. "Vaping Kicks Ash" and "Straight Outta E-Juice" are among the clever choices you might see.

2. The Inspirational T-Shirt

For a long time, "inspirational" shirts were seen as cheesy or cliche.

But in the vape community, it makes sense. Vape doesn't just change your life – it can save your life by getting you away from toxic cigarette smoke. What could be more inspirational than protecting your health?

Inspiring vapewear with words like "Wake. Vape. Hustle. Repeat." show that you're committed to living your best life, and that vaping is an important part of it.

3. The Edgy Logo

As streetwear brands have been showing for years, a logo is better with a bit of edge.

Although simple vapewear items that feature the name of the brand are still a good choice, many brands are leaning toward a more exciting look these days.

For example, Throne's apparel a lot more than your average logo hat or shirt. The name itself – Throne – implies a sense of royalty. Most vapers live in cities, and Throne's tagline "Ready to Rule" implies that the wearer will stop at nothing to get what they want.

4. Outdoors Gear

The vape community and the outdoors community are a match made in heaven.

Vaping is portable, healthy, safe, and pairs perfectly with a hike or a bike ride.

The Colorado company Vaprwear is tapping into that connection with a new clothing line, including outdoor gear and other accessories.

The coolest thing about this line is the Drawstring technology. This patented system allows you to access your vape no matter what you're doing, using a vapour delivery system that's integrated into the clothing and accessories.

This system is similar to the idea behind the Camelbak water pack, which lets you drink water from a backpack while you're on the go.

With Vaprwear's products, you can keep your vapour cartridge and battery in your apparel or gear while accessing it through an extended mouthpiece made of medical-grade hose.

This is a subtle, practical, and convenient way to keep vaping on the go.

How to Style Vape Clothing

With the modern athleisure trend combined with the history of streetwear style, making vape clothing a stylish part of your daily look is easy.

The beauty of vape clothing is you can really wear it with anything. And in today's Instagram-centred fashion world, there are no rules.

If you want to be high-end, you can pair a vape hoodie with designer shoes. Or if you want to hail back to classic looks, practical Timberlands or Doc Martens pair with your outfit perfectly too.

It's all about self-expression, so don't get caught up in fashion rules. Streetwear has always been about breaking the rules, and vapewear is no exception. The only difference is that rule-breaking is more in style than ever before.

Vapewear: Where Form and Function Meet

Just as with the perfect vape pen, the right vapewear combines looks and functionality seamlessly.

We love what's new and on the horizon for vapewear. From humour and inspiration to practical outdoors gear, there are countless new ways to show your personal style through your love of vape.

As vape clothing trends grow, more and more vape brands are releasing their own clothing lines. What are the vape companies whose clothing you're dying to wear? Leave a comment and let us know!

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