September 05, 2016

We've all heard of Fcukin Flava and Cloud Niners and AJ Vape. We know that Nasty Juice and 77 Flavor are extremely popular and are almost always going out of stock.

These are the juices that people all over the world ask for and vape in large quantities. It's no surprise. These juices are delicious, value for money and maintain a consistent quality. 

However, there are other Malaysian breweries that maintain the same consistent standards, boast the same premium packaging and come at value for money prices.

These flavours may not be as well known, possibly due to a lack of aggressive marketing, and while they do have their particular fans, they certainly haven't achieved the heights of popularity that the earlier mentioned brands have reached. 

In this article, we highlight three brands that we think deserve some stage time, their shot at the spotlight, their place in the sun.


We can't say enough good things about this brand. Grandeur currently has 10 flavours in their range of fruity-flavoured vape juices, ranging from grape to peach to strawberry. 

One of our absolute favourite vape juices comes -- Fort Laramie Strawberry -- is one of the flavours under the Grandeur umbrella. A delicious multilayered strawberry e-juice, this is one of the best and tastiest strawberry flavours we have ever tasted. 

The other fruit flavours are not to be overlooked either. Each of them are super rich and the fruit flavours come out, blossoming even more throughout the inhale. 

Cloudy Heaven


OMG... we can't say enough about the Space Mango flavour from Cloudy Heaven. We weren't expecting much when we first tried it.

"Just another mango flavour," we thought. And having tried heaps of mango flavours, there are definitely some that are leagues above others. 

Space Mango may be yet another mango flavour but it's definitely not "just" anything. It's pretty delicious in its own right. 

We also love the fact that it comes in a cute little bullet-shaped bottle.



With four flavours currently under their belt, Bangsawan may be a popular vape juice but it definitely doesn't get the recognition it deserves. 

In spite of its bright blue shade, the Strawberry Apple flavour surprised us from the get-go by how delicious it was. 

It has just the right amount of sweetness and coolness. The flavour is strong and the vapour creates an extremely full mouth feel, which we love. 

Which of these flavours have you tried? Like them, love them, hate them? Tell us about it! 

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