April 11, 2016

Vapers in countries around the world have their favourite Malaysian vape juices. We share them here.

Many of our international clients have requested that we share our best selling juices by country. “It will be easier for us to make decisions on brands to order in bulk quantities,” they say.

We agree. And so, we decided to publish this article to address all of our clients queries.


We already have an article about our all time top selling vape juices. Now we’ll dig deeper into countries as each country’s demands for vape juice brands vary greatly, even among Malaysian flavours.

This speaks a lot about the quality and depth of the product offerings available within Malaysia (reportedly the country with the second biggest vape industry in the world).

To be completely transparent with our operations, the regions that we most frequently ship to are the Middle East (Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain), Europe (Italy, France and United Kingdom), Sweden, Pakistan, Oceania (Australia, New Zealand) and North America (United States and Canada). With that in mind, we’ll be approaching each region’s favorite Malaysian juices.

Middle East

We have seen a great surge demand in this region and urge all Malaysian e-liquid manufacturers to start building rapport with the local vape businesses. This market is prime for penetration due to their high tobacco consumption (from Shisha and Cigarettes) and prices.

62.4% of our total sales in the region comes from AJ Vape alone. Without a doubt, AJ Vape reigns supreme in this region as the best selling Malaysian juice. The second contender for the best selling e-liquid from Malaysia in this region is 77 Flavor, with Ann’s Brew Greentea Special following closely behind.


77 Flavor’s e-liquids are the best sellers in this region, contributing 33.7% of our total sales in Europe. AJ Vape is a close second at 28.2% contribution, with Dr Brew’s infamous Rude Beer coming third at 19.7%.

Europeans also tend to be more exploratory in terms of their e-liquid choices as the remaining 18% or so is contributed to by a wide range of other flavours.

A few of our European clients have told us that Malaysian fruity flavours are the best they’ve ever tried and are available at a reasonable price.

However, we foresee that the implementation of regulations on e-liquids containing nicotine in the region would make penetrating this market in the future extremely difficult.


Vaping has really started taking off in the region (especially in Australia) mainly due to the presence of many Malaysian students in Australian universities.

Most of our existing clientele in the Oceania region are largely Malaysian students themselves or native Australians who were referred to us by Malaysians.

For e-liquid manufacturers wanting to go international, this would be one of the first countries to penetrate.

This is due to the regulations in Australia where sale and supply of nicotine is illegal. However, in some states, users are allowed to import e-liquids containing nicotine for personal use only.

(Smell an opportunity? Make sure you do your research first as different states have differing regulations.)

This region is heavily influenced by the Malaysian market and demands a diverse range of products with less distinction in preference. The best selling e-liquid flavours in this region would be Kryptic and Mystree (leading the rest only by a very slim margin).

North America

We have had several clients from the United States and Canada who loved Malaysian liquids. Even though this is not our core region, we figured that we should mention them as they have the most bustling vape scenes in the world.

To our surprise, our top seller here is Ann’s Brew Greentea Special, which according to one of our clients, has received critical acclaim in terms of its pureness and its reputation as an amazing all day vape.

It is now her own all day vape and she has been referring many clients to our store as of late.

Other than that, most of the vapers in this region seem to prefer to vape their own local juices.

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