November 21, 2017


When it comes to buying vape juices online, it can be a little daunting, especially if you've never tried the flavours on the online vape store you happen to be browsing.

What I usually do when I shop online is look up reviews from other users. Some stores provide a review section to provide a certain level of peace of mind to their customers.

For well-known juice brands, you could probably do a quick search and be able to see what other vapers think. 

Here's what some people on the Internet have been saying about Throne Liquids:

"This has been just delicious!"

Seth Grainger from Vaping with Grainger had only good things to say about the Throne Liquids' Queen Bundle.

By the time he did the review, he had almost finished the whole bottle of The Mad Queen. 

"If you're familiar with shisha, it has that double apple flavour when you inhale," he said. 

"Oh man, The Mad Queen is a pleasure. Wish you could see better through the bottle but I've only got a little, tiny bit of this left and I'm gonna be missing it when it's gone."

"Extremely refreshing and highly flavoursome..."

The reviewer at Planet of the Vapes had kind words to say about The Lady. 

According to him, the inhale is "a sweet and very natural mango flavour". This later "develops into other varieties of mango with some being more neutral and others even sweeter". 

"[It's] beautifully contrasted with the odd hint of slight sourness.

"If you are fan of mango E-Liquids like myself then you really need to try this!" he writes. 

"Great for summer, and undoubtedly worth a try. Recommended."

If you're looking for delicious, fruity flavoured vape juices, look no further. Throne Liquids is recommended by Vaping360's reviewer Meyrick Payne.

"I enjoy this flavour for a complex take on mango. The Lady is well suited for a hot summer’s day," wrote Payne. 

"Yep, this is an authentic, tropical pineapple flavour," he added about The Kingslayer. "I like it a lot – especially with the cooler added to it."

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Have you tried Throne Liquids? What did you think? Share your views and help other vapers like you!

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