January 04, 2017

It's the start of a new year and if you haven't made any new year resolutions, good for you! This year, instead of following the crowd and saying that you'll do this or achieve that, strive to actually do something specific.
Then at the start of 2018, look back and see how much you've accomplished. Even if you've achieved two or three things, that would still be way better than keeping zero resolutions out of your list of 10. 
But why settle for accomplishing two or three things. This year, decide to be a hustler. 

Embrace the hustle with Hustler Juice

To complement your newfound hustling spirit, why not try Hustler Juice. There are three amazing flavours under this new Malaysian vape juice brand.
Each is a delicious fruity flavour that make amazing all-day vapes -- perfect for when you're busy and just want to take a good, quick vape.


A beautiful blend of three types of mango, Hustler Juice Bold is a dream come true for those who love mango flavours. The brewers of this particular juice have combined the different flavours of mango into layers that complement each other perfectly. 
Hustler Juice, a Malaysian vape juice
The vibrant red of the packaging is reinforcement of its name -- Bold -- as well as the flavour profile of this vape juice. The mango emerges boldly in the inhale and continues to blossom throughout. Even after the exhale, there is a lingering flavour and scent of fresh tropical mango.
If you're not a fan of mango vape juices, this is probably a nightmare. But if you love mango, this is one juice you must try. 


A gorgeous blend of citrus fruits, Hustler Juice Cunning has a refreshing flavour that will sneak up on you. 
Fruits like oranges, lemons, grapefruit and others within the same family have a curious mixture of sweet, sour and bitter. It's expected then, that Cunning would have a similar flavour profile. 
The inhale is sweet and sharp, followed by a growing tanginess. The exhale is all at once sweet, sour and bitter, which creates a pleasantly refreshing citrus flavour. 
For those who love citrusy flavours, this is a must-try. It's not one of your usual sweet fruity blends.


A perfect flavour for all-day vaping, or even to chill with at the end of the day, Hustler Juice Daring is a luxurious blend of juicy, rich grapes. 
The inhale is sweet and almost too rich if not for the slight hint of bitterness from the red grape skin. As the flavour blooms in the mouth, the sourness of the white grape cuts through the decadence and provides a daring zing. 
All the three flavours come in 50ml aluminium bottles, that have their own vibrantly-designed boxes.
If you like the sound of all three flavours but can't decide which one to try first, get a bundle
Have you tried any of these flavours yet? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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