December 15, 2016

A truly inspired e-liquid, Throne is the it brand this season. Available in 50ml bottles, the Malaysian-based brand features three different fruit-based vape juices that are designed to be all-day vapes. 

As with any othe vape brand, the first thing that attracted us to this particular series of flavours was the packaging. While many Malaysian vape juice brands tend to have a street style of design, Throne is unique in its elegance.

It reminds us a little of new world wine bottles -- and like the wine produced in new world countries, it might not have as much of a heritage yet but is just as fruity and full-bodied. 

The colors used on the labels are fresh and come in shades that are rarely seen on vape juice bottles made in Malaysia. Some say that it looks slightly feminine and what we say to that is, "Well, it's about time!" 

Throne was made for those who love chasing clouds. With 70% VG, each puff of any of the Throne Liquids results in a super cloudy exhale. 

Each flavour is simple, yet has a profound complexity. The flavours are straightforward enough to vape all day, every day... and yet complicated enough to provide mini-surprises.

Another thing we love about this brand are the names of their flavours:

The Lady


This is a gorgeous mango-based flavour that's deceptively simple. It's described on its website as a blend of sweet, spicy and ripe mango and those layers are certainly detectable when vaping this flavour. 

Mangoes of different cultivars have distinct flavours and scents and the way they are combined in The Lady by Throne Liquids is truly delectable. 

The inhale is sweet and spicy, then blossoms into full-flavoured creamy ripe mango. The exhale is a delightful fresh sweetness that lingers on your tongue. 

While not as full-bodied as high PG e-liquids, this 70% VG vape juice is still able to bring out plenty of mango-flavoured goodness.

The Mother


This is our favourite in the range. A totally unique favour -- the first of its kind that we've found in Malaysia -- it's amazingly layered and completely delicious. 

The Mother is a gorgeous passionfruit cognac flavour, with none of the pungency that usually accompanies alcoholic flavours like whisky or champagne. 

In the inhale, we could detect a strong passionfruit flavour, with hints of grape and (strangely) papaya. It's extremely fresh and just sweet enough. The flavour deepens into a heady and mellow cognac, which complements the fruit flavours perfectly and makes the exhale extremely divine. 

It's the most complex flavour of the bunch with lots of strength, but at the same time, feels sweet and comforting. What an apt name for a juice like that!

The Mad Queen


For the shisha enthusiasts, there's The Mad Queen, Throne's version of the double apple flavour that's so popular in shisha. 

It's an "aggressive" flavour with strong scents of red apple combined with hints of aloe vera and lychee. The scent of apple wood rounds out this flavour and gives it even more solidity. 

While apple isn't one of our favourite flavours, it's definitely an all-day vape for those who love apple shisha flavours!

Have you tried all the flavours yet? Get a bundle and let us know what you think in the comments! 


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