June 02, 2016

There are some vape essentials that traveling vapers have to know and have.

It’s the worst thing to be in a foreign country on a business trip or holiday and discover that you’ve run out of juice. Worse is if it’s only the start of your trip.

You don’t want to resort to buying cigarettes, which could be dreadfully expensive and definitely worse for your health.

Even for simple travelers, there are always preparations required for a journey. For vapers, it’s important to plan your travel carefully. There are some essentials that you have to keep in mind for a good and safe travelling and vaping experience.

Tip #1: Pack smart

Smart packing is the first rule regardless of your destination. Depending on where your destination is, you may or may not be able to find a retailer that can help you if you need anything with your vaping device.


Pack all the materials you need on your standard device unless you have a travel vaporizer. Restocking your vaporizer may be impossible along the way and therefore you need to have enough supplies with you.

Pack your vaping device in such a way that its position is constant all through the way and that it is not being thrown around. Jostling may cause dismantling. Always ensure you have a charger or USB for your battery for your vaping equipment.

Carry along a car charger if you are using a car as your travelling means. Have extra batteries with you in case you do not find a charging system nearby, they will come in handy. An extra atomizer is always a smart move and of course do not forget your vaporizer, without it there is no vaping.

In your travelling pack, you should not miss any of these. In the absence of a travelling case, use a padded bag or case in your creativity for improvisation.

If you had filled your atomizer tanks earlier, do not store them with the rest of the items. This is a safety measure in the case of leakage. If the prefilled contents leak nothing will be spoilt along with it. Seal the pre-filled tanks in a plastic paper bag and remember their storage is separate.

There are also limitations on the amounts of cartridges or e-liquid one can be in possession with depending on the country you are planning to visit.

Stock up on juices. You can purchase as much stock as you want but ensure whatever you buy does not exceed the legal limit. After doing your research find out on the amount of supplies the authorities allow in a given jurisdiction.

Tip #2: Do pre-flight research

If you are travelling by flight, check ahead of time the policies, rules and regulations put in place regarding electronic cigarettes. Prevalent and common as vaping is, not all airlines are comfortable with vaporizers on-board.

For flights, almost all have restrictions on travelling with liquids on board. Your e-liquid is no exception to the rule. Pack up your e-liquids appropriately in your carry-on bag. Take your extra stock of e-liquids and store in your checked bag.

Do not try to hide your vaporizer. If your flight does not allow e-cigs aboard then forfeit it or look for another flight’s service that allows it.

While going through airport security, keep your whole kit together in your carry-on bag then let them be scanned separately. Keep all your electronics in a different bag but ensure you go with all of them through security.

Placing your equipment in plastic bags makes the inspections very easy and saves you the hassle that comes with leakages during the flight. Don’t forget the restrictions of liquid on flights so keep your vape liquid below 100ml.

Do not vape on the plane, unless it’s permitted. As stated earlier, different airlines have different policies regarding vaporizers. Some may allow you to vape in their cabins. If this is the case, vape away safely and as discreetly as possible. Be considerate to the other people in the plane.

If the airline has its restrictions, then let your package travel safely with you until you reach your destination.

Check the laws, rules, regulations and policies of your destination. Don’t forget to frequently check the websites and know the travel policies governing your destinations. If you are in doubt, give the authorities a call.

Most countries are open to the idea of using electronic cigarettes while some consider illegal. Some countries have age restrictions. Some countries have designated legal areas for vaping and not just anywhere.

Take your time to browse through the Internet even before packing your luggage. Know what you are walking into.

Tip #3: Watch for pressure changes

You have checked with your airline, and your destination country and everything on the checkbox is positive. Now get to your carry-on bag.

Fit the caps of the bottles containing e-liquid as tight as you possibly can. This is for obvious reasons of avoidance of leakage. Squeeze out any excess air as it may be affected by altitude.

At higher altitudes, when the aircraft is moving may result to the sealed bottle popping open. The best way to avoid these leakages is using a clearomizer. Don’t forget to loosen and tighten the mouthpiece during take-off and landing to relieve the excessive pressures.

Tip #4: Vape with care

You may also be in transit on road. If this is the case ensure the colleagues you are travelling with are comfortable with your vaping on the road. Ensure you know the regulations concerning vaping in your current location when in transit.


You may go inside a private establishment and the owner is somewhat uncomfortable with you vaping within the precinct of his enterprise and when it comes to these please put away your vaping device.

However, don’t worry about open locations since here you can vape peacefully with no disturbances. It should also be alright to vape in your own hotel room since it doesn’t require ashtrays or even leave nasty odours.

Not many people know about vaping and when you are vaping in public quite a number of people will be curious about your mystery magic stick. In case this happens to you be sure to answer the questions posed in a respectful manner.

Some people may be offended that you are smoking in a public place since the gestures involved in smoking and vaping can sometimes be seen as similar.

The more you make known to people about the process of vaping, the less the enquiries vapers face when it comes to these misunderstandings. A respectful attitude when it comes to such goes a long way to avoid banter over ignorance and misinformation.

Vapers can also face difficult questions on the road but if you are educated enough on vaping you should not have any difficulties answering these questions.

Most people tend to think that the vapor in your vaping device contains similar chemicals to those in cigarette smoke. However this is not true since the vape liquids consist of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin. They also contain flavorings and some also have nicotine.

When it comes to nicotine levels, many e-liquids do not have nicotine since with good quality flavor and vapor you do not require nicotine to get the satisfaction you want. Nicotine actually reduces the flavor quality in the vapor.

However if you want some nicotine in your vape nicotine levels can be varied depending on your needs. You should therefore be ready to explain that you do not consume the same amount of nicotine as a cigarette smoker.

Vaping is not a getaway to smoking since vapers wants to quit the smoking feel but vaping can help one get done with cigarettes by helping one get the nicotine they badly crave without using the other chemicals contained in cigarette smoke.

Packing is always difficult as you are dealing with limited space. This should therefore flag you on taking only what you need so that you will not use up all the space needed for additional accessories.

If you do not have access to a charger then ensure you know the life span of your batteries to help you know the number of batteries you need to pack.

Vapers, with summer on its way, get equipped to vape on.

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