July 11, 2016


What the hell are vape tumblrs?

If you’re an Internet user, you’ve probably heard of Tumblr. It’s a microblogging site that has a social networking aspect to it.

Users can create their own site (called a tumblr), “follow” other users to see their posts on their homepage feed. Users can like each other’s posts, share (reblog) and even send messages to each other on the site.

While this sounds like a lot of other social networking sites out there, Tumblr is outstanding in its own way.

Niche Pursuits

Imagine reading a whole blog about Loki, or Sherlock Holmes, or things people search for on Google. Log on to Tumblr and you won’t have to imagine. You’ll be able to see it for yourself.

There are blogs about Stannis Baratheon (of Game of Thrones fame), Thor, and even Ryan Gosling. There’s one about the weirdest Google search queries and one that only features people holding chickens.

For hobbyists, Tumblr can be a wonderland. For vapers, it’s no different.

Like a craft person scrolling through Pinterest, I sometimes find myself spending hours scrolling through vape tumblrs.

There are gorgeous handchecks, new juice releases and interesting links to vaping articles.

But what’s awesome about Tumblr is that nothing is too formal. Posts have a fun and playful vibe to them.

Like this post on Tanner Vapes:


Vape Tumblrs that Make You Want to Keep On Scrolling

While there are a lot of vape-related posts on Tumblr, there are only a handful of sites that consistently post cool images and links.

Some of these range from educational and informative, to purely-for-entertainment posts.

Besides Tanner Vapes, there are a few others that caught my eye this week:

Let’s Vape Things

This one’s a rabbit hole. It’s page after page of vaping gifs, links to cool articles and quotes about vaping. Just look at this pretty gif!


Hey Vaper

This is one of those tumblrs that accepts submissions, which means that it features amazing handchecks from all over the world. There are even cool novelty items!


Do you follow any vape blogs on Tumblr? Tell us about it in the comments!

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