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    Live Show: Nasty Juice's 1st Anniversary and Giveaway!

    Live Show: Nasty Juice's 1st Anniversary and Giveaway!

    About this video:

    To celebrate Nasty Juice's 1st anniversary, Vape Club International is having a giveaway! Find out more on our giveaway page.

    Show notes:

    One of the best vape juices in Malaysia – Nasty Juice – is celebrating their first anniversary! We're excited about that.

    The brewing scene in Malaysia is very versatile and of the myriad e-liquids that are released, not many make it to their first year. And in such a big way! 

    Nasty Juice is still going strong. 

    To celebrate with them, we're having a giveaway. Three lucky winners will take home one of these amazing Limited Edition boxes. 

    Grand Prize winner will get the box, as well as a Throne Bundle! 

    Some other amazing flavours that have passed the test of time: Throne, Fcukin Flava, Cloud Niners, Fantasi and Mango Most. 

    We did a giveaway during the live show! People who tuned in just had to comment to stand a chance to win. 

    Congrats, Holly! 

    If you want to win the box, check out our giveaway page.

    Stay tuned for more of our live shows to get exclusive access to giveaways, promo codes and more!

    Live Show: Happy Mother's Day and Promo Code!

    Live Show: Happy Mother's Day and Promo Code!

    About this video:

    It's Mothers' Day this weekend! Jeannette & Jeremy talk about the promo code to get 20% off on The Mother.

    Show notes:

    What are you guys doing for your mom this weekend? Make sure you do something to appreciate her! 

    Here at Vape Club, we're celebrating Mothers' Day by offering a discount on The Mother! Use promo code 'THEMOTHER2017' to get 20% off. 

    The Mother is one of the three e-juices produced by Throne Liquids and is one of the most controversial.

    The Mad Queen is extremely popular in the Middle East and among people who love vaping shisha flavours. Some say that it tastes just like Al-Fakher's Double Apple shisha. 

    The Lady also has its fans. It's a beautifully layered mango flavour that's extremely refreshing and fragrant, without being too sweet. 

    To get the best flavour out of The Mother, use a sub-ohm tank or dripper and fire it at at least 30W. This is when the flavour really starts to emerge. 

    If you haven't tried it already, now's the time to get it. For a limited time only, The Mother is on discount. Use promo code 'THEMOTHER2017' when you shop

    Live Show: One Hit Wonder and Other US E-liquids

    Live Show: One Hit Wonder and Other US E-liquids

    About this video:

    Jeannette & Jeremy vape One Hit Wonder by The Man and talk about other juices from the United States.

    Show notes:

    First of all, oops, we forgot to turn on the camera... and apologies, the connection with Facebook wasn't too great this time. :(

    Five Pawns has deliciously complex flavours. It's one of our favourite brands. 

    One Hit Wonder is super value for money – it comes in an 180ml bottle for only $46.99. It also comes with two smaller unicorn bottles so you can carry your juice around. 

    In the UK, people use the word "blud" to address their friends. It's like "bro" or "mate". Super cool! 

    If you produce or distribute vape juices, feel free to send us samples. Drop us a message on our website to get in touch!

    Mountain Oak is another one of our favourite flavours from the US. If you like tobacco flavours, try their Applewood. But our favourite is still The Mad Queen by Throne Liquids.

    We don't do vape tricks. We suck! :( If you've got any tips for us, feel free to share!

    The best setting for the Vgod RDTA is six wraps of Clapton coil at 30mm diameter. (Agree or disagree? Let us know in the comments.)

    Hustler Bold is $11.99 in store.

    One really underrated vape juice brand is Vintage Brew. They have really great tea flavours. It's sold out on our store right now but do let us know if you love this brand. 

    Vaping is still banned in some parts of the world. But people are still allowed to smoke. :(

    Check out our YouTube channel for more videos! Or browse individual articles and show notes on our blog → here

    Live Show: New Malaysian Vape Juice That Has Claimed the Throne

    Live Show: New Malaysian Vape Juice That Has Claimed the Throne

    About this video:

    Jeannette & Jeremy talk about Throne Liquids, its flavours and whether there's competition in the brewing scene in Malaysia.

    Show notes:

    The theme of the show is Claim Your Throne

    Since Vape Club International launched about a year and a half ago, we’ve seen the rise and fall of a lot of different flavours. Some of them taste great, but somehow didn’t make the cut. Others fell along the way because they just didn’t taste very good.

    Check out our YouTube video: Five Sh*tty Vape Juices That Shouldn't Exist. (Psst... if you have juices that you want us to try, send us a list!)

    One of the newest juices to break into the Malaysian vape juices brewing scene is Throne Liquids

    We started selling Throne Liquids on our store early this year and while there are three flavours, there’s one flavour that’s a clear winner -- The Mad Queen. She’s certainly "claimed the throne".

    Some of our customers tell us that it tastes just like Al-Fakher’s two apples shisha. (FYI, that's why we ate apple on the show... lol.)

    Throne Liquids has been in the market for about three months now and we hear that they’re doing well.

    Full disclosure, Vape Club International is the main distributor in Malaysia and we’ve certainly received requests from resellers in the Middle East and Europe. It seems to be doing really well there, especially The Mad Queen.

    Other Malaysian vape juices that are in the running to "claim the throne" include Nasty Juice.

    We love the fact that they’ve grown beyond just selling vape juices. At the latest vape convention in KL that happened in PWTC recently – couple weeks back – they were selling skateboards and clothing in their store.

    We think these guys are doing thing right, in terms of branding!

    And design as well!

    These are the kinds of juices that we’re always on the lookout for. (If you're a brewer and want to be featured in our store, please get in touch. We'd like to sample your flavours!)

    We add new juices into our store every week and sometimes we have a newbie like Throne suddenly just grow in popularity. Other times, it’s always the same old favourites that stay top on our store.

    Another Malaysian e-liquid that we have to mention is Fcukin Flava.

    Not only are their juices consistently great tasting. They also have stand out branding! 

    A lot of people like Cloud Niners too! We've reviewed some of their flavours. Check it out here → Cloud Niners: Fruity Flavours that Will Put You on Cloud 9

    Anna & Jane vs Double K: Which is butter than which?

    Anna & Jane vs Double K: Which is butter than which?

    In Malaysia, ask for a butterscotch flavour and you will probably hear two names – Anna & Jane and Double K.

    With butterscotch, what you're looking for is that beautiful cooked sugar flavour. And not just any kind of sugar but brown sugar.

    In this video ↓ we compare the two most popular Malaysian butterscotch vape juices.

    Agree with the results? Totally disagree? Let us know what you think in the comments!