April 12, 2017

About this video:

Jeannette & Jeremy talk about Throne Liquids, its flavours and whether there's competition in the brewing scene in Malaysia.

Show notes:

The theme of the show is Claim Your Throne

Since Vape Club International launched about a year and a half ago, we’ve seen the rise and fall of a lot of different flavours. Some of them taste great, but somehow didn’t make the cut. Others fell along the way because they just didn’t taste very good.

Check out our YouTube video: Five Sh*tty Vape Juices That Shouldn't Exist. (Psst... if you have juices that you want us to try, send us a list!)

One of the newest juices to break into the Malaysian vape juices brewing scene is Throne Liquids

We started selling Throne Liquids on our store early this year and while there are three flavours, there’s one flavour that’s a clear winner -- The Mad Queen. She’s certainly "claimed the throne".

Some of our customers tell us that it tastes just like Al-Fakher’s two apples shisha. (FYI, that's why we ate apple on the show... lol.)

Throne Liquids has been in the market for about three months now and we hear that they’re doing well.

Full disclosure, Vape Club International is the main distributor in Malaysia and we’ve certainly received requests from resellers in the Middle East and Europe. It seems to be doing really well there, especially The Mad Queen.

Other Malaysian vape juices that are in the running to "claim the throne" include Nasty Juice.

We love the fact that they’ve grown beyond just selling vape juices. At the latest vape convention in KL that happened in PWTC recently – couple weeks back – they were selling skateboards and clothing in their store.

We think these guys are doing thing right, in terms of branding!

And design as well!

These are the kinds of juices that we’re always on the lookout for. (If you're a brewer and want to be featured in our store, please get in touch. We'd like to sample your flavours!)

We add new juices into our store every week and sometimes we have a newbie like Throne suddenly just grow in popularity. Other times, it’s always the same old favourites that stay top on our store.

Another Malaysian e-liquid that we have to mention is Fcukin Flava.

Not only are their juices consistently great tasting. They also have stand out branding! 

A lot of people like Cloud Niners too! We've reviewed some of their flavours. Check it out here → Cloud Niners: Fruity Flavours that Will Put You on Cloud 9

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