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    Bangsawan E-Liquids

    Bangsawan’s forte is their mixed fruit vape juices but even the creamy flavours that they have are a joy to vape. It’s slightly colder than the vape juices by Horny Flava, but not too overpoweringly cold.

    Available in 65ml in a range of colourful bottles, Bangsawan’s fruity vape juices typically feature at least two different fruits. The combinations might seem at odds with each other at first but their flavours complement each other superbly.

    One of the Malaysian vape brands that has been around in the market for a while, Bangsawan’s vape juices have their loyal following.

    Available in 50% VG, their juices are amazing for flavour chasers who want to get their strong flavours. Fire it up at the right device settings and you’ll have delicious fruit combos in your clouds.