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    Godzilla Juice

    Godzilla Juice are monstrously delicious vape juices from Malaysia, created using inspiration from the extremely diverse flavours available in Southeast Asia. From fruits unique to the region, to candy that every Malaysian child would have enjoyed — their flavours are a delightful all-day vapes.

    Unlike other brewers who may stick to conventional fruits, like berries, mango and the like, Godzilla is perfectly comfortable with being an oddity. Smashing through the vape world with flavours like jackfruit and rose syrup, it’s an e-juice brand that’s not like any other.

    Godzilla juice is produced by the team at Fcukin Flava. Having been in the market for some time, the brewers behind these juices are able to create flavours that come in 70% VG and yet, maintain their full-bodied flavours.

    If you’re into unique flavours that produce a good amount of clouds, definitely pick these e-liquid flavours up.

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