Mango E-Liquids

Get all the sweet, juicy flavours of mango in these vape juices. Sour mango, sweet mango, ripe mango -- there’s something for all mango lovers.

The mango might like a simple fruit, and to a certain extent it may be, but the mango is a fruit with hundreds and hundreds of variants. Which means that if you take two different mango-flavoured e-liquids from different brands, they might taste world’s apart.

One brand might use the Pakistani mango flavouring, while another might use one of the Indian mango cultivars. Some brands might choose to layer several different mango flavours in their e-juice, some might even choose to layer it with other complementary flavours.

So you can see, the possibilities and the types of flavours are endless. This is good news for those who love mango vape juice flavours. You could try a new mango e-liquid every week and probably never manage to try them all.

Keep coming back to see what new mango vape juices we have!

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