Matt Cool E-Liquids

An e-liquid brewer based in Malaysia that first made a splash with their apple-flavoured e-juice Matt Cool, it’s now a full-fledged brand with a nice range of fruity vape juices.

Many brands, when they grow, begin increasing the complexity of vape juices but not Matt Cool. They’ve stuck to simplicity and found a way to elevate their fruit flavours so that they’re still tasty.

Matt Cool vape juices are all single fruit-based and they’re the epitome of how “less is more”.

Seasoned vapers have said that they don’t enjoy these vape flavours because the throat hit is rather light. But for those who want all flavour without that harsh throat stinging, these vape juices are right up your alley.

With their simple, fuss-free flavours, these e-liquids are definitely all-day vapes!