Pineapple E-Liquids

A juicy, sweet tropical fruit, pineapple makes a gorgeous fruity vape juice. Whether a straightforward pineapple flavour or even a pineapple mix vape juice, it's perfect for all-day vaping. Said to have come from South America, the pineapple is a fruit that’s travelled the across the oceans and is now enjoyed worldwide. No matter its shape or size, the pineapple is known for its sweet, sour juiciness that translates so, so well into vape juice flavouring. Some brewers use pineapple to uplift their pastry-flavoured vape juices, others might mix it up with other fruits and flavours to get e-liquids like pina colada, or tropical punch. Pineapple e-liquids are versatile and on a hot summer day, it’s the perfect all-day vape. Try some of the best pineapple vape juices from Malaysia today!